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Men and Women's Gym Wear by Pursue Fitness

If you are looking for understated fitness wear and fitness fashion, then Pursue Fitness are the answer to your prayers. Offering a range of men and women's gym wear, Pursue Fitness have exactly what you need to enhance your workout, whether it be in the gym or outdoors.

Pursue Fitness is a down to earth, practical and efficient fitness brand, founded in a Bolton bedroom back in 2013 by 18 year old Michael Hughes. Hughes began his success by investing his own savings from his part-time job, and investing his time, ideas and passion. His dream and passion has grown along with his business.

Michael Hughes always wanted Pursue Fitness to be a brand to motivate individuals, with his mission statement being 'Built to Inspire'; and how it does. With it's comfortable, supportive and effective designs, Pursue Fitness is there to drive you. No restrictions, no fuss, Pursue offers the highest quality materials for breathability and flexibility, leaving you to focus on your training.

Ladies will be in awe of the matching sets of fitted shorts and sports tops in a wide selection of colours. From teal to grey, red, beige and black, you can mix and match or match the colours, depending on your style preference. You can also match long sleeved crop tops with these outfits for the colder months, and opt for gym leggings too if you wish. One of the wonders of Pursue Fitness gym wear is that both Summer and Winter wear matches, so you can mix your outfits throughout the seasons to suit the outdoor temperature.

Both ladies shorts and leggings are seamless, squat proof and ideal for any workout from yoga to running and aerobics to dance.

Men's Pursue Fitness clothing is equally as tempting. Staple greys, blacks and reds as the primary colours, you can choose any vital item from the Pursue range. Hoodies and joggers, tees and shorts, in a range of fitted or looser clothing to suit your needs. Pursue Fitness offers men the breathability fabrics required to complete a workout in as much comfort as possible.

Pursue Fitness is no stranger to 5 star ratings and quality reviews from customers. It is refreshing for a company to be able to focus mainly on the quality of items and the range of comfort available. For example, the ultra-soft fleece fabric used in the hoodies and jogging bottoms, make these the ideal workout wear for warm ups and travelling to and from the gym. You then have the option of these lighter materials for your cardio and heavy weights sessions, aiding to prevent injury and encourage recovery in every workout.

When purchasing through GymWear UK, you have the option of a great range of Pursue Fitness clothing, for both men and women, at an incredible price. You also have free delivery options, secure payment and an enjoyable shopping experience from this rated supplier. All that's left for you to do, is select your items and go get your sweat on.


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