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This time of year can put our muscles under great strain if we don’t wear the appropriate gym clothing for our workouts. Some of us prefer to work out in gym shorts and vests, and this is still possible, however, we need to ensure that we are keeping warm and covered for our warm up and cool down, and even for our journey to and from the gym or place of exercise.


When our muscles are cold, they contract more frequently, resulting in tightness, cramping and tension. All of this can lead to tissue damage and a less effective workout. We are also more likely to suffer from DOMs more than in the warmer months. To keep our muscles safe, it is important we spend a little longer warming up, to prevent such heat loss.

Gym Clothing

Thankfully, there is now a plentiful selection of joggers, not only for the women, but also for us men too. From tight to loose fitting, in a variety of colours, brands and designs, we no longer need to be stuck for what to wear during these colder months.

Even if you choose to work out in your shorts, why not wear a pair of joggers over the top, to keep the heat in until you are suitably warm. You can always lose a layer once you have begun to warm yourself.

Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness have a great range of joggers, including my personal favourite, the retro joggers. This fine piece of gym wear is available in a selection of colours, to suit your own personal taste.

They also have tapered joggers available, and other styles to suit every personal preference.

pursue fitness

Versa Forma

The choice of jogger brands available is countless. However, for something a little different, Versa Forma has a very unique style. Tight fitting in dark or more off the wall colours, you can be the centre of attention for all the right reasons. You can show off your toned thighs and butt to the world, whilst working out in comfort and style.

versa forma

GymWear UK

GymWear UK is a leading supplier of the most trendy, hip, stylish gym brands on the market today. With brands less obvious than those high street stores, why not visit online to upgrade your gym wear workout.

From joggers and hoodies, for men and women, to footwear, accessories and everything in between, you will not be disappointed with what you find.

Wondering where to buy men's gym wear? Look no further than GymWear UK. You can also read our blog on what is appropriate gym wear today.


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