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Pursue Fitness 2020 Range

If you are need of something new and exciting in your life, then Pursue Fitness is ready to deliver. They have just released a massive range of exciting new gym clothes to pick from. This latest release in 2020 includes a massive 37 new items. There are some new and exciting items for both men and women to get excited about.

A Little Background

If you haven't heard of Pursue Fitness yet, then you've been missing out, but don't worry it's never too late to get in on a fantastic sports brand. Here's everything you need to know about them.

Pursue Fitness began its life in a teenager’s bedroom in Bolton. When you think of high performance, top range fitness brands you don't often think about them being British. After all everything seems to be either American or Chinese. Pursue Fitness, though, is a British company through and through.

The goal of the brand is to inspire. Whatever your exercise of choice Pursue Fitness aims to provide you with the best fit and quality to inspire you to new fitness heights.

Pursue Fitness was the dream and vision of CEO Michael Hugues. At the tender age of 18, he founded the company in 2013. Starting the company on the money he'd saved from his job at Nando's, he has built his company into a leader in the industry.

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Men’s Gym Wear

The new additions to the Men's range include some favourites in new colours along with some whole new items and some improved designs. There's a lot of exceptional new things to pick from and enjoy.

4.0 T-Shirt – This is a redesign of the classic Pursue Fitness T-Shirt. The fit has been tweaked and perfected to make it even more comfortable. This T-shirt is a great no-nonsense staple for your wardrobe. It works brilliantly in and out of the gym. These shirts come with the newest Pursue Fitness Logo across the chest. For colours, you can choose from red, grey orange, black and beige.

Icon Stringer – Stringer vests are an excellent option for anyone who enjoys a hard upper body workout. The fit and design are perfect for not only showing off the muscles you've built but also for making it easier to work on them. The cut gives you maximum range of motion and the material is fantastic and breathable. This is a shirt that will push you to the next level in building your upper body. The logo is the small and classic 'P' it's placement in the middle of your chest is stylish and also subtly helps to highlight the size of your chest and shoulders. Your colour options include blue, red, slate, and black.

Performance Shorts – In this release, Pursue Fitness have included some great options for shorts, just in time for the summer heat. There are two lengths to choose from. Your choice is a mid-length which comes to mid-way down your thigh or knee length which cuts just above the knee. Both length options come in either black or grey. Both sizes are designed with flexibility in mind. The material is durable, and it's easy to move in both cuts. Perfect for going for a run or busting out a set of squats in the gym.

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Statement T-Shirts - These new T-shirts are about celebrating the history of Pursue Fitness. The vertical print down the back is a reference to the birth of the company in 2013 in Bolton, Manchester. They are a stylish cut and design. The overall feel is immaculate. You can choose from blue, red, black, or grey.

Women’s Gym Wear

The new option from Pursue Fitness in their Women's range includes some great new colour choices. The design and styling of these items are so flattering. When you combine that with the high-performance features and superb quality material, you know you are on to a winner.

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Oversized Crop Hoodies - Pursue Fitness has been making these great hoodies for a while now, and they are a huge favourite. They take the comfort and appeal of an oversized hoodie - the big sleeves and cosy hood.  Then they combine these with a form faltering cut that shows of your abs. With the new release, you can now get this great item in even more colours. Among the new options are dusky pink, purple, charcoal and white.

ProFit 002 Jackets and Bottoms – The ProFit joggers and jacket sets from Pursue Fitness are a great option for before, after, or during a workout. The fit is tapered and flattering. The stretchy material ensures that they move with you and the icing on the cake is that both parts of the set come with pockets! With the new release, there are more colour options with grey, light blue and khaki being added to the line-up.

ADAPT Seamless Range – If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and support, then you need to check out the ADAPT seamless range from Pursue Fitness. These are all item where the design and production process has taken great pains to minimise the existence of any seams. These garments are made from a single thread. This means the only seams are where the arm and legs are stitched together. The placement of these minimal seams is considered so that it is not going to be noticeable.

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With this new range Pursue Fitness has improved the fit and feel of their seamless collection. You can now get a whole head to toe outfit in seamless items. That includes underwear. The technology behind seamless clothes means that these items all offer a high level of support, which makes for perfect leggings, bras, tank tops, long sleeve tops, shorts, and even thongs. The subtle styling and design mean that these items work to subtly highlight your body's natural shape and make the most of what you have.

To check out all that Pursue Fitness has to offer with their newest release along with the best of their previous collections, check out our store at


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