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Which T-Shirt is Best for the Gym?

A high-quality gym T-shirt is a must have for any male wardrobe. These gym T-shirts are versatile, comfortable, flattering and vital for many activities and experiences. The most important factor to consider when choosing a T-shirt for your workout, is the material used.


Gone are the days when dragging an old cotton tee out of your closet would suffice for a sweaty workout. We have come a long way since then, thank goodness, meaning that we now get to enjoy materials which will work with us when we exercise, as opposed to against us.

Breathable materials are important, for the obvious reasons, they allow your skin to breathe as you exercise. Sweat wicking is also a great factor, as this helps to keep the sweat away from your skin, meaning you reduce the risk of chaffing and rashes on your skin, as well as reducing the risk of skin acne.

Men's Gym T-Shirts

In addition to this, breathable, performance material in gym T-shirts means that you will be kept cooler as you work out, which makes your workout to be perceived to be much easier. Overheating can make you feel like you are working harder, meaning your stamina is affected. This will hinder results and performance negatively, also affecting motivation.

These breathable, lightweight materials are also extremely durable, meaning they can be repeatedly washed, without damaging the items. They are also extremely quick to dry, always a bonus. In contrast to old, cheap cotton T-shirts which used to be used for workouts, this means that you are not weighed down by heavy, sweaty tees when you’re working up a sweat, another bonus to your workout, and much more pleasant for those training next to you.


Choosing between a tailored T-shirt or looser fitted tee is often down to personal preference, and also can be dictated by your workout. If you’re participating in an activity where you may catch on pieces of equipment, you may prefer a more tailored top, whereas if you are doing cardio, you may prefer something more loose fitting, to increase the air flow and help to keep you cooler. Both are stylish and suitable for working out, so see which you feel more comfortable in.


Pursue Fitness is a great choice for gym T-shirts for men. They have an available range of both performance and fashion gym tops, meaning you can fall in love with this brand and enjoy wearing it at every occasion. The simplistic designs are right on trend, timeless classics, meaning you won’t need to worry about changing your style for a long time to come. The available colours are plentiful, meaning there us something for everyone, whatever your style, taste and colour. The seamless designs also help with the comfort, as well as the durability, with the available fit being suitable for a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Find the perfect T-shirt for your gym work out online at and reap the benefits the right kit can offer.


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