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Beach Confidence

The sun is out, beaches are full, school is finished and it's time to bare all in your summer swimwear. For some, the thought of stripping down fills them with dread, taking the shine out of their Summer. We're here to advise you of how you can have the optimum body confidence, without the need for cardio workouts and diet fads.


Often we wear our beach wear year in, year out, leading to stretched material which has faded and perhaps doesn't fit as well as it did years ago. In addition to the wear and tear of our swimwear, body shapes also change, meaning we may need to switch up what we have always worn.

When shopping, shop for your body shape and ensure your beach clothes fit perfectly. Frills and strings re great for athletic shapes, high legs for apple shapes and don't feel you need to feel self conscious in a bikini if your tummy is your bug bear; opt for a tankini or similar.

The correct swimwear in the right size will work wonders for your confidence, so take the time to find exactly what you need.


Kaftans and sarongs are a great fashion accessory, however as well as keeping you on trend, they can hide any bits you aren't so keen on when you're making your trip to the ice cream van. Ensure your cover up is cool and lightweight, and also easy to put on and remove. Convenience is a key part of beachwear, so make it as easy for yourself as possible.


You can choose where other eyes are led, so why not focus on your chosen area with accessories. You can opt for an outrageous beach bag, or large hat or fascinator to encourage eyes to places other than your bottom, thighs or other area which you're keen to avoid. Large sunglasses and bright lipstick are other popular options for keeping eyes diverted.

Wedge sandals give the impression of longer, slimmer legs too, so are a great holiday essential and perfect for boosting your confidence.


I know I said this list avoided fad diets and cardio workouts, but a few moments of stretching and gentle exercise can boost your confidence instantly, making you feel better about yourself and inspired for future workouts. Loving the skin your in is a priceless skill, but there's also a lot to be said for dedicating the time and effort to making you feel better and healthier too. Keep it simple in these warmer months, and reap the benefits exercise can bring to your mind.

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