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Best Gym Leggings for Bum

We all have our favourite attributes, whether we prefer our hair or eyes, boobs or tums. However, one body part which we can all ensure looks good with the right gym leggings, is our booty. As a general rule, lots of exercises focus on lower body parts; from cycling, running, squatting and many, many more. Therefore, those of us who work out and eat right have a booty worth showing off. Whether you’re a more curvy individual, or a slimmer with a more athletic figure, wearing the right gym leggings can accentuate all of your good bits, giving you confidence in how you look throughout your exercise regime.

So, what are the best gym leggings for bums? The answer is not necessarily a one size fits all, you may want to try a few different designs to ensure you get the look you desire. However, generally, these are the styles we would recommend to ensure your booty is looking as fantastic, as you deserve.

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Most gym leggings offer compression materials. Compression is great because it holds your muscles, supporting you throughout your workout. It helps to prevent injury and doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) too. The amount of compression in gym leggings, varies from brand to brand, and from different styles. This compression material is also great for making you look great. It holds everything in place, keeping everything firm and where it should be. This includes your bum. It keeps it lifted and prevents any unnecessary and unwanted wobbling or jiggling. Combat Dollies is a brand known for it’s high levels of compression, improving your blood flow and making you look wonderful. The 360 degree stretch material also ensures your movement isn’t restricted in these gym leggings, meaning you will feel as fabulous as you look.

Scrunch Bum

These are probably the best gym leggings for bums. Scrunch bum gym leggings give your bottom a lift, like a push up bra for bottoms. They enhance what you have, accentuating your curves and shape. The elasticated panels around your glutes helps to hold everything in place, preventing that wobble, and the ruched seam creates the volume of more volume. The result is a curvy, pert bottom, kept where it should be, accentuated by a slimmer looking waist line, achieved by wearing high waisted gym leggings. Famme and V3 Apparel have a stunning range of these scrunch bum gym leggings, available in a range of colours and designs, and also in shorts too.

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The most important thing when choosing your gym clothing is that you choose items which you feel comfortable and confident in. The right workout wear can help to increase motivation, and therefore results, whereas the wrong clothing can have the opposite effect. Visit Gym Wear UK online to browse an extensive selection of high-quality gym leggings and workout wear and find the pieces to compliment your personality. Visit and shop happy in the knowledge that you are buying from a trusted, experienced supplier, offering only the very best gym leggings.


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