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Best High Waisted Gym Leggings

High waisted gym leggings, the answer to all of our workout wear prayers! Before high waisted gym leggings became a popularity on the gym wear scene, many of us were left mid-run, having to wriggle our way frequently back into our gym bottoms. We could be caught out, mid forward bend in our yoga or Pilates class, worrying about the builder’s bum threatening to reveal itself behind us. And then high waisted gym leggings became the go to item. These gym leggings are the perfect choice for full support and confidence, whether you’re squatting, lunging or any other choice workout which you desire.

high waisted gym leggings

High waisted gym leggings are a gym-goers best friend, with their increasing popularity only confirming this matter. Gym leggings are made to fit like a second skin, and assuming you invest in a quality material, they will fit perfectly. High waisted gym leggings move with you, whatever your activity. This is great for comfort, but also great for style. After the hours you’ve put in at the gym, you want to show your curves and edges, and show off the hard work you’ve been putting in. High waisted gym leggings, with their perfect fit, are great at showing your achievements in the very best light, whilst still supporting your modesty. Increase your confidence with this incredible workout wear.

There is such an extensive selection of high waisted gym leggings available nowadays, it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for these. We have put together a selection of the best high waisted gym leggings for you.

Famme Scrunch Seamless Leggings

The benefits of the high waist, as detailed above, the scrunch bum to accentuate the curves of your bottom, offering a complete flattering look. The seamless component means that these gym leggings often last longer than those with seams, due to the higher durability materials and innovative creation. Seams are often the weaker part of clothing, meaning that seamless rids of this weaker area, leaving you able to sweat, wash and rewash for many years to come. The designs are simple and stylish, with a selection of bold or pastel colours to suit your tastes and compliment any other workout wear.

gym leggings

Pursue Fitness Afterglow Seamless Leggings

These gym leggings also benefit from the seamless design, again increasing their longevity and comfort; no chaffing against the seams during a tough workout. These leggings are made for performance, style and comfort. The designs are utterly flattering, with the high-quality material offering a 4 way stretch for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. The colours are fresh and inviting, leaving you to stand out for all the right reasons.

high waisted gym leggings

Combat Dollies

Combat Dollies take compression to a whole new level, meaning the support and flexibility offered in their fitness leggings is second to none. They help to flatter, support and offer comfort to the wearer, leaving you with just the intensity of your workout to focus on.

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