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Best Workout Leggings UK

When it comes to finding the best workout leggings, there are a lot of factors which come into play. Ultimately, it is fair to say that the main factor is personal preference. We all have our own idea of the best workout leggings, with our own styles and tastes. However, I’m sure we can all agree on the things that we like to avoid when choosing our workout leggings, so perhaps there are more similarities between our favourite gym leggings than we realise.

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When speaking to most people about their workout wear, especially runners, you will hear pockets mentioned. Such excitement over pockets has never been known before, quite like it is on workout leggings. A pocket big enough to hold your phone, without pulling your waistband down or restricting movement. Some people prefer the rear pocket, however the most popular placed pocket currently on workout leggings is the side leg pocket. It seems to be a deal breaker for many on whether they would choose a particular pair of workout leggings or not.


See through gym leggings which expose you when you bend over, or ill-fitting materials which fall down when you move are the biggest turn-offs when it comes to gym wear. High quality materials ensure our dignity remains intact and also ensures that we don’t spend the duration of our workout hoicking up our workout leggings. Standard leggings don’t have the same compression materials as gym wear; it is this compression which helps to keep the clothing in place and in shape. The high-quality materials mean you have more freedom of movement when working out. The sweat wicking capability of the material helps to keep you comfortable and cool too. In addition to this, the materials used will ensure your workout leggings are more durable, withstanding your sweaty workouts and repeated washes, unlike a cheap pair of high street leggings which will lose their shape, and begin to fray at the seams.

gym leggings


From high waisted leggings, to scrunch bum designs, mesh panelling and seamless items, the variety of styles of workout leggings is incredible. There is something for every size, shape and requirement. As a general rule, seamless, high waisted leggings are a popular choice as they help to flatter every shape, controlling your tummy and supporting your muscles and joints, without any awkward exposure during a deep forward bend or squat. The seamless connections help to increase the durability and longevity of workout wear, as well as preventing chaffing, so is another popular choice.

Finding a brand and design you love is worth every effort because once you have that perfect pair of workout leggings, you will not look back. Your motivation will be increased, resulting in better performance and achievements. Browse a selection of high quality workout leggings, from Famme to Pursue Fitness, Combat Dollies to V3 Apparel, all in a plentiful supply of designs and colours online at and find your perfect pair of workout leggings.


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