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BodyPower Experience

BodyPower pride themselves on being a global fitness media brand which promotes inspiration, dedication and motivation. BodyPower has many areas of development for your fitness, and they're bringing all these benefits to you for a weekend in May, in Birmingham.

From 10th-12th May 2019, you will have the opportunity to visit the BodyPower Experience expedition and earn yourself knowledge, workouts and clothing to rival any thing you have ever experienced. 


The sports and performance side of BodyPower, is to encourage you to move better, feel better and look better. You will have the opportunity to learn more in depth about nutrition; find out the best way to fuel your body pre or post training with the correct foods, and also discover how supplements can aid your training, and get your hands on the good stuff.

In addition to this, intolerance's will also be covered. Ensure you're not missing out on the nutrition you need because of intolerance's, with the professionals at the show.

 Fitness Training

You can also look into your fitness training; find the right way to improve your speed and stamina, and how to target the right muscles at the right time to be your best you.

BodyPower expedition gives you the perfect opportunity to try new equipment and new workouts to prevent your workout getting boring. You can also spend time to ensure you are using the equipment correctly, helping to prevent injury, and maximise results.

General Health

You will also have the opportunity to look at your overall general health. You can track your fitness levels with bleep tests, and get tips on how to improve your fitness for performance. You can also make the most of a body MOT, checking your blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, blood disease and more. You can leave with complete peace of mind that you are in prime health.


What better way to treat yourself, than with new gym wear, selected especially for the BodyPower Exhibition attendees. Browse the range available, try it on for size and comfort and go home with added motivation for your next gym visit. You will not be disappointed by the selection of gym apparel available.


We all know that health and fitness is more than skin deep. It is about having a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy skin: everything. So enjoy browsing the range of cosmetics and beauty products available too.


The show will be varied and exciting for each individual, no matter what your fitness goals. Find what you want to know by browsing stalls, listening to the professionals and trying things for yourself. Training such as Olympic lifting, high intensity training, interval training, pre-season fitness, combat sports and endurance, will all be covered.

Buy your tickets online at and enjoy an exciting and educational fitness phenomenon.

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