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Can Exercise Help You Lose Those Additional Calories?

Eating High-Calorie Foods – Can Exercise Help You Lose Those Additional Calories?

The trouble with dieting is that you just can’t help avoiding high-calorie foods. Most diets do have a rest day that even allows you to indulge but if you are most people who cannot ignore the calling of high calorie foods then you might tend to overindulge more.

While it’s easy to simply say that you can burn these extra calories off later at the gym, it is not that quite simple. Sure, calories in, calories out may work but how much exercise do you really need to burn a slice of pie or a large cheesecake? Now it sounds complicated right but it’s actually like this:

  • To maintain your current weight, take equal amounts of calories to those that you burn off during the day. Don’t take in more calories than you can burn.
  • If you plan on exercising, take note that the intensity of the exercise determines how many calories you burn in a given amount of time.
  • Calories don’t just count for one type of food but for all the meals you take in a day.
  • Choose food well. Yes there are tasty, low-calorie foods that you can actually indulge in. Try a low-calorie turkey sandwich, sushi, salads, California rolls, nuts and more.
  • Make exercise a regular part of your day; this way you can indulge without counting calories.

Regular exercise benefits

You won’t have to worry about indulging and eating the food you love when you exercise regularly. Exercise using aerobic activities such as walking, hiking, running, swimming, cycling and playing sports like basketball, soccer, tennis and more.

Experts recommend that adults engage at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity workouts. Try to spread this throughout the week to get at least 30 minutes of activity per day for five days.

When you exercise, you are not just burning calories. You are also maintaining a healthy weight; reduce the risk of suffering from illnesses like heart disease, diabetes type 2 and cancer. When you regularly exercise, you improve blood flow which increases oxygen delivery to your tissues and body organs. You can improve energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel better and more positive about yourself.

Adding exercise to your daily routine

You can start exercising at home, at the office, in school or at the gym. The most important part is commitment. You must dedicate time and effort to exercise or include it to your daily routines.

Getting ready to add aerobic exercises to your daily routine is perfect but first you must make sure that you are wearing the right workout clothes. Wear something comfortable and breathable. You will be perspiring a lot so take a towel along, a bottle of water and a cap if you plan to walk or hike outdoors. A good site to check out for workout clothing and accessories with a large selection of men and women’s apparel is GymWear.

Wear comfortable footwear too and make sure that you exercise moderately before increasing your pace. Cool down afterwards and do some stretches before you call it a day.


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