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Do You Wear Undies with Scrunch Bum Leggings?

Should you wear undies or go commando when wearing scrunch bum gym leggings? There is a constant battle of opinions on whether or not you should wear underwear beneath your gym leggings, and scrunch bum gym leggings are no different. To wear or not to wear the bottom layer?


Many people claim that wearing undies underneath your gym leggings can help to prevent yeast infections, which makes it seem like a no brainer to reach for your panties before putting on your gym wear. However, that said, many other people claim that chaffing and friction can cause soreness where we really could do without it, and that going commando is a much better choice.

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Wearing underwear gives you another layer of protection to absorb that sweat from the warmer regions, however the freedom of no underwear would perhaps result in less sweat anyway, so we’re back to the drawing board on what is the best option.

You Choose

The short answer, it’s up to you. It really is down to personal preference as to what you wear (or don’t wear) beneath your scrunch bum leggings. Research suggests that there is no truth in the increased chance of yeast infection, as we would usually be getting out of our sweaty gym clothes straight away, regardless of whether we have knickers on or not. Some people hate the rub and chaff, others are permanently paranoid about the VPL (visible panty line), whereas some just prefer that extra comfort, support and sweat absorber.

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The Right Kind

The most important decision to make when wearing underwear under your scrunch bum leggings is to ensure you are wearing the correct undies. Your frilly thong may look and feel great in the bedroom, those cotton granny pants may be your regular go-to items, but for a work out, neither of these are the ideal choice. Ideally, you want to opt for sweat absorbing undies. These can be thongs, knickers, shorts; they come in a range of styles and colours, just like all gym wear, and they ensure that you won’t get that ghastly VPL, but more importantly, that it won’t rub and cause discomfort over your delicate parts.

Be Happy

So, whether you choose the full panty, little thong or completely commando, you can rest assured that none of these are the wrong choices. Scrunch bum leggings, as well as other gym leggings, are safe and good with or without your underwear. The most important part of the decision is to be sure that it is the right decision for you. A happy workout brings the very best results.


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