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Funky Gym Leggings

When it comes to funky gym leggings, there is one brand you should check out. If you haven’t already come across Combat Dollies, then you are in for a treat. They are a UK based gym wear company that specialises in women’s work out kit. In particular, they create amazingly bright and bold designs. Here are a few of our favourites.

Classy Asymmetry

These Red Bamboo leggings show how to do great asymmetrical leggings. With an Asian theme, these leggings combine block symbols down one leg with a swirling leafy pattern wrapped around the other. The two legs are totally different in style but are brought together with their clever use of one bold red colour on a black and grey base. The effect is arresting and classy at the same time. If you want to go for the full effect, there is, of course, a matching sports bra to complete the look.

combat dollies

Magnificent Monochrome

You don’t have to rely on colour to make a significant impact. These Black and White Comic leggings show precisely how big of a punch you can throw even while sticking to just black and white. These leggings are fun and funky. They are just that little bit quirky, which makes them a great choice when you need to feel good. If you love them, you can pick up a multicoloured pair as well.

combat dollies

Mixed Materials

Using mesh in leggings is really popular right now. With these Fracture mesh leggings, combat Dollies have given you an option that uses mesh without it being risqué unless you have a thing for ankles anyway. The mesh in these leggings is around the ankle and lower leg, it then joins up with the riot of colour that dances over the rest of the leggings. With the mesh on the lower leg, it makes these leggings extra cooling and allows the air to move freely. These leggings look wild and free without having to compromise on style. You can go for the whole look by adding in the matching sports bra, which not only looks great but offers fantastic support.

Pastel Paradise

Often pastel colours can seem a little on the dull side. With these Smoking Candy leggings, Combat Dollies have managed to make pastel exciting. The swirling colours make a striking contrast to the clean white lines that cut through the pattern. You will not have seen leggings like these before. Not only is the design unique, but it is also very flattering. The placement of the lines frames your butt and shapes your thighs. It’s not just the leggings that will be looking good when you try these out.

combat dollies

Spoilt for Choice

If you love your patterns, a find it hard to choose just one then you are going to love these Multi Print leggings. The black base of these leggings makes the colourful prints pop out. Each leg is encircled with unusual and colourful versions of popular prints, each in different colour size and number. These leggings will never be boring!


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