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Getting The Right Workout Shoes

You often hear of girl's with a bit of a shoe fetish, and actually, men with a trainer fetish is becoming increasingly popular too. I'm unsure whether I should be proud or ashamed of the fact that my most expensive item of footwear is my running shoes, but I personally feel that supportive footwear when working out is of the utmost importance.

The type of footwear you wear when running makes such a difference to your form and the activity, that barefoot running is even branded as a different type of exercise to running or jogging. There are trainers to cover your feet for barefoot running, which could not be more different to a standard running shoe.

Wearing the correct running shoes offers effective support for muscles in your feet, your ankle and knee joints, as well as improving your running posture, which helps to keep your back strong, preventing pain and injury. Running shoes can correct a gait, meaning you can run further and for longer, without risking your health.

However, if you are more of a Zumba fanatic, or prefer spending hours spinning or cycling, you'll need a different style of workout shoe. Dance and aerobic classes, including Zumba and step, suit shoes with less tread or grip to allow for more free-flowing movement. You'll also require more cushioning in the ball of your foot rather than the heel, unlike the aforementioned running shoes. Spinning or cycling shoes are often slimmer to fit into, or even click into, the pedals. You also want to avoid extra cushioning when choosing your cycling shoes as you'll waste energy when your shoes compress, without jeopardising the support. You'll likely need a selection of shoes to suit your varied workouts, but when has shopping for shoes ever been a chore?

Weight training shoes require more stability than cushion. You do not want your footwear to compress when lifting as this puts you at risk of injury by reducing your stability. Cushioned shoes compress to reduce the shock of high intensity activity, however this makes them useless when it comes to strength training. Non-compressing rubber or wooden soles, often with straps over your metatarsals are the primary choice.

The opinion of many, is that your shoes are the most important part of your workout wardrobe. However, many people fail to realise the importance of different shoes in different workouts. You can make do with your running shoes at Zumba if you're not a regular attender, but anything that you want to do regularly requires the correct footwear to ensure you are properly supported.

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