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How To Choose Men’s Gym Wear

Gone are the days of grabbing a cotton T-shirt and pair of jogging bottoms, your 5 year old trainers and white socks, and heading down to your local gym. Gym wear has come an awful long way in the past few years, and the trends and styles, as well as quality of your gym clothing, has improved dramatically.

Athleisure is now one of the most popular clothing items on the high street, with many brands getting involved, whom have not before been associated with sportswear. The demand for quality and affordable gym wear is so great, that there are new brands and suppliers appearing frequently, who manage to make a success of it.

More and more of us are becoming aware of the need for regular exercise in our lives. Our jobs are a lot more sedentary than they have been before and as a result, we need to factor in workouts at the gym or elsewhere to keep ourselves fit, healthy and happy.

Whereas before, gym clothing in the wardrobe was very limited and simplistic, nowadays, the fashion and effectiveness of your gym clothing plays a major factor in even just an average person’s wardrobe. People are realising the importance of proper equipment and clothing, and not only that, but we’ve learned how great it is to look the part in the gym too. Comfort, style and support, why would we settle for anything less?

The big question is, with so much competition now out there, how do we know where to begin in our search for men’s gym wear? The magazines, shops and recommendations are so broad, it can be easy to spend a fortune on something which isn’t going to be the best purchase for you.

Men’s Gym Tops

The selection is huge. From tees to vests, in every style, fit and colour you can imagine. However, the most important factor of your gym top is the material. Sweat wicking material is the most vital component, to mop up any perspiration from your back and underarms. This type of material helps to keep you dry and more comfortable, preventing rashes and body acne, as well as helping to keep you smelling more pleasant, reduce the amount of sweat dripping on your workout equipment, and also helps to keep you more comfortable when working out. Increased comfort can make your workout feel so much easier, meaning you can get stuck into your training, pushing your limits and improving yourself.

Top brands often trademark their own technology, showing just how important brands rate this quality. Keeping cool, comfortable and smelling more pleasant can only be of benefit to both you and your fellow gym goers. So always ensure your gym top is made with sweat wicking materials.

Men’s Gym Shorts

What’s the difference between gym shorts and standard shorts, I hear you ask. Once again, the material plays a vital part in these items, with thermal or tracksuit material shorts being a definite no-no for any workout. There are two distinct differences in your gym shorts: training shorts and running shorts. Training shorts are typically longer in the leg than running shorts, to ensure your workout buddies don’t view more than they bargained for during your bench presses and lunges. This extra length, also offers you more movement during your chosen workout. Running shorts are often shorter, and often with the absence of pockets. This said, some brands do offer great running/workout shorts, which are a great option for those of you who like to mix up your workouts and want something to suit all.

Men’s Gym Joggers

Gym joggers are a minefield. You have copious amounts of choice, for all tastes and requirements. From baggy, to fitted, under garments to outer, the choices are endless. Generally speaking, unless you’re against getting your legs out, gym joggers are ideal for going over your shorts if you regularly work out in a gym. Once you have warmed your muscles, you can then shed a layer to continue your work out in your above chosen shorts. However, if you frequently work out outdoors, and you need something a little warmer for the cooler months, why not opt for tighter options where you can put your shorts over the top of them.

For alternative workouts, such as yoga or Pilates, it can be a good idea to have stretchy bottoms to allow freedom of movement. Again, you can choose to team your workout bottoms with shorts if you prefer.


Gym trainers are a workout changing product. The type of workout you do will factor hugely in what type of gym trainers you opt for. Running trainers often offer lots of support and cushioning, depending on your running gait. This support helps to prevent injury and increases comfort and longevity to your joints and muscles.

Weight lifting trainers, on the other hand, need to have limited cushioning, to aid your support. When you lift, you do not want a cushioned shoe as your risk of twisting your ankle or falling off the shoe would be greater. However, you do still require support from the ankle area. You need a stable platform beneath you. As with training shorts and running shorts, if you heavily lean towards one style of workout, it may be best for you to choose a suitable trainer for that workout. However, there are trainers available which are part way between the two; meaning you can have support for both types of high impact training.

Using an established supplier for your gym wear can prevent wasted shopping time, and wasted money, as you know you are buying something of good quality, and highly recommended. GymWear UK is an international supplier of a wide range of excellent gym clothing brands. Offering a wide range of workout tops, bottoms, layers and accessories, you can find exactly what you need, in a style and design to suit your specific tastes. From bold to authentic, classic to modern, GymWear UK has exactly what you need. Visit


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