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Importance of Clothing in Exercise

Any regular, or even casual exerciser, knows that there is a difference between gym wear and casual wear. Gym wear can of course be used for casual wear, but the other way round is far less successful. So, what makes items suitable for exercise, or not, and how important is the clothing we wear during our workouts?

Gym wear is a huge money maker and a popular fashion piece in any walk of life nowadays. Whether this is because we are much more active than in previous decades, or because we love the comfort and flexibility of such workout wear is unknown, Whatever the reason, gym clothing has never been more popular, and has never had such a strong feature in so many people’s wardrobes as now.


How important are gym clothing for exercise? The answer is, quite simply, they are essential. Gone are the days when any item of comfortable clothing would do for your aerobics class. Standard leggings and a cotton T-shirt with your old trainers really don’t cut it anymore. Gym clothing has many benefits for our bodies, one of which, is that the materials are so much kinder to our skin. The sweat wicking qualities mean that sweat is kept away from our skin, avoiding rashes, irritation and also overheating. This also helps to avoid skin acne, as we’re not spending time in our own sweat.

In addition to the material being sweat wicking, it is also more breathable than standard clothing. This means it is easier to control your body temperature when working out. Instead of you working up a sweat in minutes, your body keeps itself cooler for longer, and the absence of sweat on your skin aids in this keeping cool. Remaining cooler has a positive impact on your workout, especially during those warmer months. It ensures you are able to work out harder for longer, as our bodies often feel more tired when we exercise in heat.


In the same way, wearing business clothing can help to make you feel professional, and evening wear can make you feel ready for a party, gym clothing can get you in the right frame of mind. Putting on your running leggings and gym top can make you feel ready to go. When you look the part, you feel the part. Having the correct gym gear can also increase your confidence, and when we feel good, we work out harder. When we work out harder, we see more results, and the beautiful circle of success continues.

Putting on your gym clothing helps you to create habits. Creating habits is difficult, but once habits are formed, they are easier to stick to. Wearing your favourite gym leggings or running shoes can put you into the correct mindset that you are going to complete your workout. It’s like by putting on your gym clothes, you are saying to yourself, I am going to work out today, despite your energy levels or motivation, that is what is going to happen, and so it does. Our body listens to our brain, we just need to send it the right cues.

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Gym clothing helps to support you and your workout, it literally supports your body. Sports bras, are the obvious example, with them supporting your breasts from discomfort, pain and damage. They minimise movement in the chest area, reducing the chance of stretching and sagging. High intensity exercise without a sports bra could leave you looking worse than when you began, especially if you are larger up top. This area is very delicate and needs to be supported to prevent permanent damage. Ensure you can still breathe freely, without everything flying around where it shouldn’t be.

Compression clothing is another example of supportive gym wear. Compression leggings are great for runners, as it prevents inflammation of the muscles, especially in colder weather. This can help to prevent injuries and tight muscles, as well as aiding recovery if injuries do occur.

Another example of such support is gym footwear. From running shoes, to dance shoes, cycling shoes to lifting shoes; the difference between the footwear for each activity helps to ensure you have the correct amount of cushioning, ankle support and sole support. You can correct pronation, improve speed and maximum lift, while preventing injuries, purely through what you wear.


So, whether you love running, yoga, weight lifting, aerobics, or something else, there is an outfit ready and waiting for you. From funky leggings, to comfortable shorts, flattering gym tops, to supportive bras, your workout wardrobe can do wonders for your mindset, your performance, your levels of support, comfort, confidence and your success rate. From running in a standard bra, standard leggings and a standard T-shirt, compared to gym leggings, a supportive bra and sports top, the difference you will feel is incomparable.

Knowing where to shop can be a challenge. With every shop on the high street now offering their version of gym wear, it can be hard to know which brand to trust. You don’t want to over pay, but equally, you don’t want to buy rubbish, which will require you to buy twice. Ill-fitting clothing can cause frustrations and can often result in a shorter or unfinished workout. Thankfully, the experts at Gym Wear UK, supplies a wide range of high-quality sports brands, from established and up and coming companies. From long running experts, such as Gold’s Gym, and newer, but now known and trusted suppliers, such as Pursue Fitness, there is something for everyone, whatever your age, size, exercise preference and style.

Competitive pricing, and a trusted trader makes GymWear UK an ideal place to shop. You can rest assured that your items will be at the height of fashion, without every other gym goer wearing the same items as you. Whether you’re looking for shorts or capris, tees or vests, you will be able to find the perfect item for you online at Gym accessories can be supplied too.


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