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Introducing Workout Empire

Only a few years ago, at the tail end of 2015, a dream was born. The dream of creating a new activewear brand, with an edge over existing competitors, and a desire to be their own. Workout Empire is a sharp, modern brand with a recognisable company logo which echoes this style perfectly.

workout empire

The company was founded and is based in Sweden. Within only one year, the first Workout Empire collection was released globally, in November 2016. The vision of the professionals at Workout Empire had begun, this being: 'To create fashion driven apparel of the highest quality for an active lifestyle, blending superior design with a performance based fit and technology. We call it Designed Performance Fashion.' Since this moment of first release, the company has gone from strength to strength, and continuing to do so, with the constant evolving and improvements made to their gym wear.

For Workout Empire, gym apparel is about more than clothes to wear whilst working out. This brand appreciates that to feel beautiful and confident during your workout, enhances your workout. When you feel good, hormones are released, making you feel more energised and therefore, encouraging you to exercise more effectively. Fashion and looking good is a huge factor for this modern brand.

workout empire

From sexy crop tops and ports bras, to high waisted lace panelled leggings and more, Workout Empire offers the easiest transition between day and night wear. These gym clothes are so stylish, you'll be teaming them with your favourite stiletto for your lunch meeting, before heading to the gym on your way home from work. There are even shimmer leggings available for those after work drinks.

We know what you're thinking; these items cannot look this good and still be suitable for a sweaty workout, surely? They most certainly are. All workout leggings are completely squat proof, machine washable and offer complete comfort and support, whatever your workout. You will look and feel sexy, sassy and completely in control when you rock up in your latest Workout Empire outfit.

workout empire

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