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Iron Tanks Gym Shoes

From bodybuilders to power lifters, and gym junkies to trend setters, we have what you need. Whatever your requirement, Iron Tanks aim to please each individual, using customer feedback requests and recommendations as their primary focus in each product.

As you would expect from their title, Iron Tanks are built to last; they are strong and durable and manufactured to stand the test of time. After all, they know your workouts are intense and require an iron base. They are created for individuals who are also tough, but seek style and comfort during their workouts too.

The company appear to like to think of themselves as a group of friends with a shared passion and ambition for their products; they want to share their passion with the world to make it a happier and brighter place. By being a consumer, you are helping to chase their dream, as well as brightening your gym wardrobe.

Iron Tanks was launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2010, and despite rapid growth to become an international premier gym wear and gym accessories supplier and retailer, it still remains 100% Australian owned. The mission of Iron Tanks Gym Wear is 'happiness through fitness', and the company believes that looking good is feeling good, and feeling good is happiness. Iron Tanks are so committed to this mission, that they ensure that every wearer is 100% happy with their purchase.

Whether you like something bright and fresh looking, or prefer a darker look, or perhaps something in between, Iron Tanks gym shoes have a range to rival most of their competitors. Iron Tanks appreciate the importance of a gym goer's image, without jeopardising the quality and efficiency of their shoes. In fact, Iron Tanks are so committed to giving the best of everything: customer service, quality and image, that they offer guarantees on all of their products.

Iron Tanks gym shoes offer the perfect support for lifters, whatever your level, with soles less than 4mm thick made from compressible rubber to maximise on stability and floor contact. Their high tops increase the available ankle support, making these the perfect choice for lifters, boxers and martial artists. They are also extremely lightweight and are fantastically versatile too, with a variety of innersoles available for maximum adjustability.

At Iron Tanks, they don't like to pigeon hole, which is why all gym shoes are suitable for both men and women. Be yourself, be comfortable, be stylish and be happy, that is all that is requested as an Iron Tanks wearer.

To find your new gym shoes, visit and choose from the varied range available online. Gym Wear offers excellent customer service, free delivery and satisfaction guarantee, as well as extremely competitive prices on all Iron Tanks foot wear.


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