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Motivating Yourself To Work Out!?

We all have days when we'd rather sit and watch the latest box set, rather than hit the gym, and putting exercise off until tomorrow sometimes seems like the easiest option. However, all we are doing is jeopardising our health, mood and quality of life. What we need to be doing, is exercising now. But how can we motivate ourselves to get off the sofa and down the gym for regular exercise? We'll tell you how.

Get A Workout Buddy

Human nature means we don't like to let people down, so get a workout buddy and commit to some work out sessions together, every week. Not only does it encourage you to workout because you don't want to let your friend down, it can also make your workout more enjoyable as you get that social interaction too.

Try A Class

So you're sick of pumping iron on your own, or pounding a treadmill with little excitement or interest. Why not try a new gym class? A change is as good as a rest, so they say. You may enjoy the change of routine, and also, sometimes it's nice to be told what to do, so you don't need to think about it. You may also make a new circle of friends, and fitness friends are a great asset to anyone's life.

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Remember Why

You may want to lose weight, drop a dress size, gain muscle or strength. But ask yourself why you are doing this. Do you want to be fit enough to enjoy time with your family, or enjoy a longer life? Do you want to be able to enjoy your Summer holiday, without feeling the need to hide under a beach towel? Or perhaps, your family are at risk of type 2 diabetes and you want to try to prevent yourself falling into this trap? Whatever your reason, make it specific to you. You can then use your reasons to keep you focused. Next time you're tempted by a night on the sofa, think, is it really worth sacrificing the available benefits?

Set A Goal

Your goal may be similar to your reasons for exercising, ie to lose weight, but you need to be specific with your goal setting. You also need to ensure your goal is achievable. If your 6 stone overweight, you can break this down into smaller goals. For example, aim to lose 6lbs per week by changing your diet and committing to 2 Zumba classes and 2 swimming sessions per week. This will make your goal seem feasible. By setting deadlines and ways to reach your goal, you will get there.

Go Shopping

Retail therapy is always good for the soul! Buying new gym wear is a great way to lift the spirits and motivate you to work out. Feeling good means you are more likely to enjoy your workout. Wearing the correct clothing also means you will be more comfortable and therefore, able to complete your workouts.

Get started by choosing your first new piece of gym wear today.


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