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Seamless Thong Review

Before we get down to the business, let’s have a quick chat about the whole idea of having a gym thong. A lot of women have never heard of them and are frankly baffled by the concept entirely. So, before telling you about our favourite thongs, let’s discuss why they are such a good idea.

Benefits of Sports Thongs

Now not everyone is a fan of thongs they are a kind of marmite choice. If you have tried a thong and found it deeply uncomfortable, then you might not feel any differently about workout thongs. If you already wear thongs or haven’t tried them at all then here are all the reasons why you might want to have a set of thongs just for the gym. Plus, why they should be specially designed sports thongs.

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Anyone who has ever spent more than 10 minutes on an exercise bike has faced the dilemma caused by underwear. You’re just getting into your rhythm. All you are focusing on is pushing yourself that little bit harder. Then, your underwear starts to get bunched up. You can feel the waistband slipping and beginning to work itself into the most uncomfortable position possible. The mother of all wedgies is forming, and now you have to make a decision. There are three options – try and ignore it, try and adjust it without stopping, or stop and fix it properly before getting back into your workout—three bad choices.

So, I offer you an alternative. Underwear that will not move while you work out. It won’t get bunched up and distract you. It won’t even, get super sweaty and gross. Workout thongs are made from high-performance material. They stretch and move with you the same as a good pair of leggings do. The material is moisture-wicking, so it keeps you fresh. They dry quickly as well, so you don’t have the horrible experience of having to pull up damp underwear when you use the bathroom.

Long story short, a good gym thong is comfortable and will help you stay focused while you work out.

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For any woman who has boobs that bounce, the idea of going for a run in a regular bra is laughable. We all know that there are plenty of good reasons to take the time to find a decent sports bra. Yet, most of us don’t apply to the same level of thought to our pants. But we really should.

It’s time to put embarrassment aside and quickly talk about vaginas. First, they are amazing. They can clean themselves and maintain their pH so that you stay healthy. There is no need to steam clean them! (how was this ever a thing?). But there are some things you can do to help your vagina stay healthy. It comes down to maintaining a healthy environment, which you do by your underwear choice.

When you work our you get sweaty. If you are wearing underwear that collects sweat, it creates a moist, humid and unbalanced environment. This can make it harder for your body to repel infections of certain bacteria and can contribute to increases occurrences of yeast infections.

The solution? Wear underwear that is made from moisture-wicking material. Ideally, something that dries out quickly. When you’re done working out, shower and change out of your sweaty underwear before you get on with your day. In other words, you should have a set of underwear just for working made from a material that is designed to look after your health, as a woman.

So, the next time you are looking for a sports bra, you should take the time to find a sports thong as well.

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Find a good pair of workout leggings is worth it. When you find a pair that looks and feels great, then you are ready to hit the gym. That is until you notice your panty line. If you don’t have the right under-leggings thong on, then it can distract from everything else you see when you look in the mirror.

Seamless workout thongs are the perfect solution. They are made with the bare minimum of seams and are cut so that they lie flat under your clothes. Most gym thongs have the added benefit of sitting high on your waist. This means that they look good and flatter the shape of your bum. So even though no-one else can see your underwear, you can have the self-confidence boost, of knowing that you look terrific.

Hopefully, you are now totally sold on why you need to immediately go out and buy yourself a great pair, or two, of workout thongs. The next question is, which ones do you go for? Rather than overwhelming you with a huge list to pick from, here are two choices, Both of which are great options.

Two Great Workout Thongs – You Can’t Go Wrong!

Both of our options are seamless thongs. They are part of more extensive seamless collections. Which means you find some great matching seamless gym leggings to go over the top of your new seamless thong.

Famme Invisible Seamless Thong

If it’s from Famme you know, it’s going to be excellent quality. This thong is made from a super soft material blend. It feels silky smooth, and most importantly, it moves with you. There is no elastic in the waistband, so it lies flat and doesn’t dig in. The low rise profile means that you can wear these under any item of clothing, and they will be undetectable. They are a great choice if you want a thong that is not only good for a workout but any occasion.

seamless thong

Pursue Fitness 2020 Seamless Thong

This option is a great high-performance choice. This thong is made from high-performance material that really performs well in terms of moisture-wicking. The design on these leggings is excellent as well. They come in a wide range of colours, with subtle logos, that look great. The colours match with the rest of Pursue Fitness’s new 2020 range so that you can get the perfect gym outfit, including underwear.


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