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Staying Fit In The Festive Holidays

Christmas to many means excessive partying, lazy days of TV marathons, neglected fitness regimes, and over eating and drinking. This indulging leads to weight gain, stress and reduced fitness levels. So how can we limit the harm of the festive season without missing out on the fun stuff?

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Get Up Early

The best thing you can do is to try to stay active throughout the party season. It doesn't mean you have to miss out on the office party, but try getting up half an hour earlier in the day to get your exercise out of the way, before other commitments take over. This way you can enjoy your celebrations without feeling guilty for missing your workout.

Keep It Short

Recent studies suggest that you don't need to spend hours pounding the treadmill to look your best. Instead, you can partake in short HIIT training sessions. Less time spent working out for optimum results means more time for getting ready for your big night out. 10 minute activity sessions have even been proven to be successful, so if you can't put 30 minutes aside, break your workout down into 10 minute blasts throughout the day.

Make It Social

When planning a get together, try to steer away from organising a lunch out. Instead, why not suggest ice skating, spa days and Winter walks? You may end up having more fun than you imagined. Another idea is to get a group of you to the gym together before your nights out so you can motivate each other. You can then get ready together and hit the town, knowing you have earned it.

Resist Temptation

Just because there are several boxes of chocolates in the cupboard and you are planning on starting your diet on January 1st, it doesn't mean YOU need to eat them all now. They will keep and you are allowed to offer them round. Enjoy the odd mince pie, but there is no need to demolish half a box. Sometimes people think that a bad day is a bad day so it may as well be worth it. However, every extra calorie you consume is potential weight gain. Think about your snacks, perhaps get some salad and fruit snacks instead of just crisps and chocolates.

Stay Hydrated

Extra alcohol, refined sugar and central heating can take it's toll causing your body to dehydrate. Dehydration will limit your ability to exercise well and can slow your digestive system down. Staying hydrated will help you to remain alert, fresh-faced, prevent hangovers and help to keep you in shape.

Dress Well

It's important you're wearing the right clothing at this time of year, especially. Dark nights, foggy days, slippery pavements and cold conditions mean we need to choose bright clothing, supportive footwear and layers to prevent our muscles from injury. Our gym wear experts have a range of sports clothing to keep you safe, supported and looking and feeling great too. Why not treat yourself to something new; it is Christmas after all! If you're looking for some new year weight loss tips after the Christmas rush, check out our blog!


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