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What is the Most Popular Athletic Wear?

The latest trends are changing all the time, with new styles and designs coming in and out of fashion. However, men’s athletic wear seems to be timeless. However, when you delve a little deeper, it is easy to see that clothing has developed over the decades, and that although shorts and T-shirts are a perfectly common and acceptable piece of gym attire, they are not the same as a T-shirt and shorts were in the 90’s.


However you wear it, wherever you’re going, within reason, a round-neck tee, is timeless. The difference nowadays is that the material used in our workout wear can assist you in your workout. Gone are the days when you’d be best off losing your tee if working out in the heat, our clothing now helps us to keep cool, protected from the sun, wind, rain and our own sweat. Your clothing nowadays works to keep you comfortable, protected and cooler, whatever your workout. Also, where men’s tees used to be shapeless, there is now much more in the way of fitted options for those who prefer their clothing to not be flapping around whilst working out, which again, can benefit your workout.

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Come rain or shine, it’s never uncommon to see athletes out and abut in their fitness shorts. From gym sessions to outdoor running, our bodies get hot when working out, and shorts give us freedom of movement and extra air and ventilation. Materials used offer flexibility and freedom of movement, and are usually lightweight to assist you in keeping cool. Elastic waistbands, often with drawstrings are also popular choices, ensuring complete comfort and a perfect fit.


Equally as popular as shorts, are joggers. From fitted to loose, thermal to cool. Joggers are an extremely popular item of men’s active wear. Not only are these popular items as workout wear, they’re also popular for everyday wear, due to their comfort and style. Joggers can be smart and stylish, as well as warm, comfortable and practical.


Outer upper wear is always essential, to ensure you allow your muscles to warm up and cool down properly to avoid injury and domestic onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Sweatshirts are also a great everyday item of clothing, coordinating with almost any other items, from joggers to jeans, trainers to shoes. From zip ups to over the head tops, fleece lines, to waterproof, the selection available is limitless, as well as the designs and colours available too.

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