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What To Wear To The Gym When You Are Fat

Going to the gym for the first time can be an intimidating experience. We all have this impression that everyone there will be looking at us, judging us, monitoring our workouts; and we also think that everyone there will be better than us, fitter, stronger and faster. First of all, let me assure you that this is not the case. The majority of gym goers are there for their own workout, and are focused on their own training and their own goals. There are many people who make it a social occasion, but these sorts are hardly ever judgmental. Typically, gym goers are nice people. They often enjoy working out and enjoy spending time with like-minded people. They are not there to point or laugh at you, if anything, you will gain respect by being there, getting started and trying.

How about if you are overweight? Let me assure you that the above still rings just as true. There won’t be people standing there wondering what a fat person is doing at the gym. We all have body hang ups and self-doubt from time to time, but actually, that is the biggest issue: self-doubt. Other people will not be negatively judging you, try and do the same, by not comparing yourself to others. We are all on our own journey.

gym clothing

So, you’ve decided you’re going, you’ve signed up; now the next question: what are you going to wear? It can be more difficult for people to decide what to wear, sometimes, if they are overweight. However, the most important, golden rule, above all others, is to wear something which you feel comfortable in. You don’t need to be squeezing yourself into a crop top or fitted vest. You can avoid spandex at all costs if you wish. Just wear something practical, and something comfortable; something which gives you confidence.


There is an extensive range of clothing for women, of all sizes, where athleisure is concerned. Here are some of the basics which you will require.

Sports Bras

Chances are, if you’re overweight, you may likely have plus size breasts too. The last thing you want is for these to be swinging around, causing pain and discomfort. Not only can they get in the way of your workout, but you will damage the tissue and lead to sagging and drooping, which is really not what we’re intending when we start working out. Sports bras, are your new best friend. Make sure your bra is well fitted, you should still be able to breathe! Your breasts should feel comfortable, secure and well supported. Your sports bra will also absorb your sweat, preventing chaffing and body acne: triple win. There are sports bras for high intensity workouts, such as running and aerobics, and other bras for lower impact workouts, such as yoga and lifting. Make sure you have the correct bra for your intentions.

Pursue Fitness have a great sports bra, which is seamless and supportive. The thicker straps make it an ideal choice for larger sizing. It also contains removable padding for your preference of size, and a ribbed band for added comfort and support. These are available in a range of colours, allowing you to stand out or blend in, as much as you desire.

gym clothing

Capri Yoga Pants

You can choose from shorts, leggings, jogging bottoms; again, anything which you feel comfortable in. Capris offer a good compromise all round. If you’re a little self-conscious, they keep you covered, whilst still keeping you cool. Pursue Fitness and Combat Dollies, both have a stunning selection of capris available, in a range of colours and designs, allowing you to express yourself within your comfort zone. Combat Dollies, especially, are high compression, so extra supportive, but you may want to size up for comfort, if you don’t want that tight feeling. Both of these brands only offer breathable materials, which is ideal. Standard leggings will not absorb your sweat, and can cause overheating. Standard leggings are also more likely to lose their shape, as opposed to these expert leggings, making them soon look baggy and unflattering.


Once again, personal preference, when it comes to which style of top you wear. If you are known for getting hot when working out, you may want to avoid sleeves, but if you are conscious of your upper arms, you may prefer T-shirts to vests. There really is no better or worse option for tops, but Pursue Fitness have a selection of boyfriend fit tees, or cross over tanks, which offer plenty of breathing room, whilst still being stylish. The looser fabrics, give you much more room to breathe, whereas the tighter fits, offer a more sweat wicking fabric, so as long as you’re not opting for high quality materials, you will be well equipped for your workout.


We know you guys can sometimes feel self-conscious too. So we’ve selected some of our favourite items from the men’s section.


If you prefer not to get your legs out, then there is a great selection of joggers available. However, shorts will help to keep you cool, and keep you stylish. You can opt for a slightly longer fit, if you prefer, to prevent you from feeling self-conscious. The Pursue Fitness, performance shorts are a great option, for style and comfort. These are available in black and grey, so perfect for combining with any workout top.


T-shirts, sleeveless T-shirts, vests; whatever you fancy, is available in your size and your style. The selection of workout tops for men, is incredible, meaning you can dress yourself up, or down, as much as you wish. Pursue Fitness Breatheasy Eva T-shirts are great for giving you a little extra room, compared to some of the other, more fitted tees.

Ultimately, comfort and confidence are the two things we keep coming back to, when choosing your gym wear. View the stunning range available online at and wear your gym clothes with confidence.


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