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Which Gym Leggings Are Not See-Through?

It can be a difficult quest to find a pair of gym leggings which are comfortable, adequate, within budget and to your preferential tastes. Gym leggings are available in so many high street stores; from supermarkets and department stores, to discount shops and clothes suppliers. However, having gym leggings in every shop doesn’t always mean that finding the right pair is an easier task.

Quite often, the cheaper the gym leggings, the more see through they will be. That said, it doesn’t mean you need to be spending a small fortune on gym wear for it to be adequate, it’s just about knowing who to trust, where to shop, and what you’re looking for.

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Squat Proof Test

When you see a pair of gym leggings which take your fancy, if it is not from a trusted supplier or a supplier you have used before, be sure to try them on and ensure they are not see through, aka squat proof, before you take them to your gym class. The squat test can be done in any changing room. Simply try your leggings on in front of a mirror, bend over and ensure you can’t see your panty line or anything else which you shouldn’t be able to.

If you can move comfortably and freely, without restriction, and without the material going see through, then your leggings have passed the test and you can wear them in confidence in public.


Generally speaking, if you shop from a trusted gym wear brand, then you can usually shop with complete peace of mind that your gym leggings will be squat proof, and therefore not see through. This can be the best way to go when shopping online, to avoid having to return items, however the squat proof test can still be done to be 100% confident.

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The other important factor when shopping for gym leggings, to ensure they are not see through, is to ensure they are the correct fit. Compression materials are usually used in high quality gym leggings, which means that your muscles and joints are ‘hugged’ by your leggings, giving that second skin feel. However, too much compression and you will feel restricted in movement, and this can mean that when you bend or squat, your leggings become see through. Also, if you get ill-fitting gym leggings, too small or too tight, the same will occur, and your gym leggings will become see through when you stretch the material further through movement.

Often, different brands offer different fits, so it may take a while to find the correct sizing in a new brand, however it is worth every effort to look good and feel good.

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