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Which Gym Shorts To Wear

Many of us feel self conscious wearing anything other than leggings or tracksuit bottoms at the gym. However, for decades now, shorts have become a trendy piece of athleisure, as well as an accepted item of clothing for wearing out and about everyday. However, despite the increase in fashion, it is still the case that many people are too self conscious to bare their legs.

Wearing gym shorts during a workout is actually a great choice, especially during the warmer months, as long as you are choosing the correct style. Letting yourself out of your comfort zone can work wonders for your self confidence. Not only that, it can be so much more comfortable than hiding in your black gym leggings too. Comfort and confidence go a long way in the gym to improving your workout. If you look good and feel good, you are more inclined to work a little harder.

Right Shorts?

So what are the right shorts? It depends on your workout. If you like running outdoors, why not get some gym shorts made from a loose, light material to keep you cool and to prevent your shorts from riding up. These light, loose shorts are great for preventing chaffing and keeping you cool. Your shorts can be short because the loose material will keep the essentials covered and will not restrict your movement in any way.

However, if you are in the gym attending a yoga class, or similar, you will want to ensure your shorts are fitted and have plenty of stretch in them. You don't want your gym shorts to be baring more than you bargained for, so bend, stretch, head stand: give them a good road test before going out in public. You can have your yoga shorts a little longer if you wish, to prevent you feeling self conscious in those compromising poses.


There are a wide range of gym shorts available on the market to ensure there is a style and colour to suit your shape, your needs and your preferences. Just remember that we all have our body hang ups and the best way to overcome them is to just fake it. Fake it until you make it. No one will know that you're screaming on the inside, if you're smiling on the outside, and you'll soon wonder why you didn't brave the bare legs years ago.

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