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Winter Gym Wear

The Summer is drawing to a close and the mornings and evenings are getting much darker and colder than only a few weeks ago. There is no need to let these weather changes affect your workout, but you will need to tailor your gym wear to something more suitable to reduce the risk of danger, injury and increase support.

It can be more tempting to stay inside during the colder, darker months, and if you feel unsafe or intimidated by outside workouts, you can always opt for a gym or other indoor workout. If you do decide to opt for indoor workouts, ensure you are warm for your journey to and from, you don't want to put your muscles or joints at risk of damage.

Keep Warm

It's simple. But aside from slipping on snow and ice, the cold weather can be dangerous for your body if you do not wear the correct clothing. You need to ensure your body is warm to begin your workout, however you also need to be prepared that, regardless of how cold it is outside, you will sweat during your workout. Because of this, layers are key.

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If you visit Gym Wear online at Squat Wolf offers an exquisite range of seamless, fitted T-shirts, perfect for your bottom layer. Ensure your bottom layer is polypropylene to ensure your sweat is evaporated away from your skin. If you stick to cotton tees, or similar, your sweat will be absorbed, meaning it will begin to make you chilly as you progress through your workout. This can be extremely dangerous for your body. You can also find some trendy, warm GymJam hoodies at the same website, for your next layer. These are easily removable for when you start to warm up.

For your lower body you can opt for some nylon tights to keep the sweat from your legs, and prevent your lower half getting chilly. Depending on the weather, you can then team with some jogging bottoms or shorts.

You may need to contemplate a jacket for the beginning of your workout too. Ensure this jacket will shield you from the elements, it needs to be able to keep the wind from you for maximum protection.


Have you ever been working out, working up a sweat, but your toes, fingers or nose are struggling with the cold? It's important we look after these parts of our bodies too. Our eyes, ears, nose, feet, hands and head all need protection in the cold. Facemasks can be a great investment to protect your lungs from the cold air, as well as to keep your lips from chapping. The correct kit will ensure your workout is much more enjoyable, as well as being safer.

Ensure you are using moisture-wicking materials for your gloves and socks to prevent moisture building and causing blisters or chafing.

Light Up

If it is dark when you are out and about, stay visible to others for your own safety, and for others too. Wear reflective material, bright colours and flashing lights. Try not to be alone if possible and do not exercise with headphones in; in the dark, you are already one sense down, don't lose another.

The Winter is not an excuse to laze on the sofa and waste all the hard work of your Summer, but it is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new wardrobe of gym wear, and what better place to shop than


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