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Benefits Of Weight Training

Weight training used to be solely associated to muscly men. Often people can feel intimidated to begin strength training, thinking they're too weak or too fat to be able to do it properly. Thankfully, this is all a misconception, and stereotypes are beginning to diminish.

Strength training is a great way to improve your quality of life and you can begin at any age, regardless of ability. It can help improve your overall mental and physical health, making every day activities easier.

Lose Body Fat

Strength training is a great way to shed excess body fat. By building muscle, you increase your body's metabolism, greatly. Even after you have finished exercising, your body is working to replenish itself. This can result in your body still burning extra calories for up to 48 hours after a work out. Cardiovascular workouts do not offer the same benefits.

Your body uses more calories to retain muscle than it does to retain fat. This means your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is generally increased after weight training, again, meaning you'll burn more calories even after a workout and beyond if you participate in regular weight training.

Increases Bone Density

Weight training offers a whole range of superb health benefits. One of these is increased bone density. Increased bone density can help prevent or slow down the effects of osteoporosis. It can also help to improve the quality of life for sufferers of arthritis, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia and cancer survivors. It also reduces the risks of bone fractures and breaks, especially in later life when bones will generally start to deteriorate. As an added bonus, strength training can also improve your balance, meaning you are less likely to fall when you're older too.

Increase Cognitive Function

Studies have proven that weight training can actually improve the way you think. Strength training reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy and confidence, and improves the power of your mind. You are less likely to suffer from memory loss and lack of concentration with regular resistance training. It can also prevent insomnia and sleep apnea, meaning a clearer head for the morning, and of course a better mood too!

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Increases Overall Health

Weight training helps to prevent heart disease, meaning a longer life for many men and women. From high cholesterol to diabetes, obesity to high blood pressure, weight lifting can combat all of these issues.

Strength training can basically slow down the ageing process. It can undo the bad we have already done to our bodies by rebuilding the muscle, making ourselves stronger both in body and in mind. It is suitable for children, adult's, pensioners, pregnant women: everyone. There is not one group of people who should avoid resistance training.

Makes You Look Good

There's no need to put vanity aside. A toned, slender body can be yours for the taking with regular resistance training. You can get a complete body workout, perfecting every area of your body. Why not treat yourself to some new attire from Gym Wear for your new gym body, after all, you've earned it.


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