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Introducing 304 Clothing

Like many of the most successful companies, 304 was created by a group of 3 friends with a shared passion for excitement. These 3 friends, met at University and now live together in Apartment 304. The teams vision was to create themselves a Summer to beat all Summers, by creating a brand to make them stand out from the rest, for all the right reasons.

The first item created from 304 was a handmade vest. This infamous vest was photographed and shared via emails and messages. Before long, the requests started coming through and the brand of 304 was born.

Despite it being early days for team 304, the brand of gym wear has already evolved and spread it's name. With 304 gym wear being stocked in over 50 stores worldwide, and this figure increasing regularly, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a phenomenon.

Men's 304 gym wear is stylish as well as comfortable. The clothing ensures that you optimise your performance, whilst looking good. The items are available in a wide range of colours, meaning you are able to stand out from the crowd, or blend into the background as much as you wish.

Mens T-shirts are available in a wide range of styles and fits, meaning you can show off your bulging biceps and well toned abs to other gym goers in a well fitted T-shirt, or enjoy a bit more room with a looser fitting top.

The tracksuits available in the 304 range are also the perfect option to show off your well toned physique, with well fitted tops and bottoms, there's no denying your well sculpted body which lurks beneath. The gym wear still optimises comfort and freedom of movement, to ensure your workout isn't jeopardised. That said, these items are more than appealing on the eye enough to be worn out of the gym, as well as inside. Why hide your style within the confinements of your workout destination?

Other popular items of 304 clothing for men include affordable, stylish shorts, that are perfect for the beach or a trip to your local pool. The colours and styles vary to ensure every shape and taste is catered for. You can wow your onlookers and be the envy of your friends with this stunning collection.

Not only is 304 a great brand for quality and style, the company seem to have managed to make all of their items completely affordable too. Unlike other big brands, they seem to want money to not be the reason you will not be looking great this season. So if you have a great body and the desire to show it off, 304 is the brand for you.

Gym Wear is a supplier of 304 clothing, as well as other gym wear. When purchasing through Gym Wear, you can enjoy the benefits of free delivery on orders, as well as an easy returns policy, should you require an exchange or returns. The service is second to none, and the product range is inspiring, to say the least.


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