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Best Gym Leggings

Gym leggings should be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. The best leggings are ones that give you high performance in the gym but can transition into comfortable all-day wear as well. To truly be the best gym leggings, they then need to have style and a flattering fit. They absolutely must be squat proof. A good supportive waistband is defiantly a plus. You know they’re great if they make you look and feel good the moment you put them on.


If you are still on the hunt for your perfect gym leggings, then why not check out some of these options.


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Combat Dollies Red Bamboo Fitness Leggings

Combat dollies leggings are always a great choice. They are super comfortable leggings. This pair comes with an exceptional high waistband that helps you feel more confident about your stomach in the gym. There is also an internal drawstring inside the waistband that means these will fit you perfectly. The bold print on these leggings is sure to draw compliments. They are also totally squat proof, so you don’t have to worry when you’re working out. As an added bonus there is a matching sports bra to go with these leggings, so you can have a truly knock out gym outfit.

Pursue Fitness 2020 Seamless Leggings

Seamless leggings are a joy to work out in and to wear all day long. These seamless leggings from Pursue Fitness are a fantastic example of how good leggings can and should be. The material they are made from moves with you effortlessly. Not only do they feel super soft, but they are also great at keeping you cool. If you go for a big workout, they just pull the sweat away and help you keep going. The waistband is soft and offers excellent tummy support. The design on these leggings is a real winner. The pattern is striking and flattering at the same time, as it accentuates the curves in your legs. There are two colours to choose from, which is a bonus because if you really like them, you can get a second pair.

Famme Vortex 7/8 High Waisted Leggings

If you are looking for a capri length legging than you can’t do much better than these. Famme make amazing high-quality gym clothes, and these leggings are no exception. If you want a classic look combined with superior performance than these are the leggings for you. The fabric is moisture-wicking and silky to touch. The waistband is high but designed to be rolled down to where you want it. These are more than just your basic black capri leggings because there are some cleverly places texture details that subtly enhance the shape your legs and bum. These are a real combination of a great look, excellent fit and high-performance finish.

Why not check out these leggings for yourself in our store at You can find these and many more amazing choices. If you don’t have a favourite pair of gym leggings yet, you soon will.


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