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What’s Happening to the 2020 Olympics?

Tokyo was all set for the Olympics. July 24th was when the opening ceremony was going to happen, and the much-anticipated games were going to start. Then the world changed. Covid-19 began to spread, and countries began to drop out of the games. It became clear that the world was not going to be ready for the games in July. So, the unprecedented decision to postpone the games was made.

For those of you hungry for some information here’s some of what we do know.

When Will the Games Happen Now?

At the moment the Statement from Japan and the IOC is that the Games will be held before the end of summer 2021. No dates have been announced yet. It may be some time until they are. With so much uncertainty, it is too soon for setting dates.

There is still a chance that the games will have to be cancelled altogether. But, so far, this only looks like a remote possibility.

Interestingly, no matter when the event happens, it will still be the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Too much has already been made to change it now!

Has This Happened Before?

The Olympic games have been postponed or cancelled a few times before. They were cancelled when World Wars I and II broke out.

In 1940 Tokyo was supposed to host the games but it had to be cancelled then because of the outbreak of the second Sino-Japanese War. Hopefully this time, it will just be postponed and not cancelled. 

What Happens To The Competitors?

Many athletes were outspoken that holding the games would be dangerous. However, having them postponed will be a massive blow for some. Training for the Olympics takes fours years of dedication and preparation. Pushing the even back by a year may mean that some competitors aren't going to be at their peak performance at the right time. 

Some age limits have been raised by a year so that current athletes don't miss out, for example, in men's football. However, even if they are allowed to compete for another year, it might be too late for some. The opportunity to win may have just slipped away.

What Happens To The Flame?

The Olympic torch was due to start its 121-day relay through Japan in March. The start of the relay was in Fukushima. Now instead of a relay, the flame will be displayed as a symbol of hope, and determination. At the end of April, the torch will be moved to Tokyo, where it will be held on display until the games are rescheduled.

The torch is a symbol of hope, and it will continue to burn as such. For now, it is a symbol of hope for a time when we can beat covid-19.

What Happens If You’ve Bought Tickets?

Not many tickets had been sold yet, and all sales have now been suspended. Anyone who already has tickets will be able to get a refund.

What About Other Sporting Fixtures?

Again, this is still a big unknown. August 2021 is when the Track and Field world championships are due to be held. The organisers have said they will move or cancel this event if needed. Other fixtures are harder to predict, but at least some sports may likely be affected.

Watching the Olympics usually offers a lot of inspiration for everyone worldwide. Hopefully, you’ll still find the motivation you need to stay active. At we’re still here and to support you in staying healthy.


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