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Gym Leggings With Pockets

If you haven’t already got a pair of gym leggings with pockets, what are you waiting for? They exist, and they are good! No longer do you need to use your sports bra to hold your phone, or your locker keys (don’t worry, we’ve all done it). Here are some of our favourite leggings with pockets, we know you’ll love them too.

First up is the Famme Techna High Waisted Leggings. There is so much to love about these leggings but let’s start with the pockets. There are two pockets, one on each leg. This is ideal for anyone who likes to listen to their phone while they work out. We all prefer to put our phone on one side or the other so having the choice is excellent.

gym leggings with pockets

The pockets are located mid-thigh and to the side. This means that when you do have stuff in the pockets, it doesn’t stop you moving freely. These pockets are big enough for an iPhone X, so they are a good size for pretty much any smartphone.

These leggings show you just what you can achieve with great design. When they’re empty the top of the pockets lies flat against your leg. This means you can’t even tell there is a pocket. It just looks like part of the, really quite flattering, design. Add in the high waist and choice of colours and these leggings are a winner.

gym leggings with pockets

Next on the list are the RIPT Performance Leggings. These leggings are seriously flattering. The contrast mesh panels make them breathable and stylish. In a great design choice, the mesh material has been used to make the two thigh pockets in these leggings.

The pockets will comfortably fit most smartphones and are well placed for both easy access and comfort. The mesh material keeps your phone comfortable held in place against your leg, so it stays in place as you move. When there’s nothing in your pocket, the contrast material looks like part of the design.

Last, but certainly not least are the Versa Forma Mode High waisted leggings. If you like figure-hugging leggings, then these are for you. These leggings just fit so well, the high-quality material hugs you tight and gives you a real sense of confidence in the gym. The high waist is kind to your abs as well. With a choice of black, grey and pale pink, these leggings will go with any outfit.

gym leggings with pockets

The pockets on these leggings are a little higher than in the other leggings we’re seen so far. They are a little more like jean pockets in position. But they are cleverly made. The designers have used the seams on the pocket and the leg cleverly. They have created not only a neat pocket on the side of your hip but also a subtle line that makes both your leg and your bum look amazing.

Why not check out the full range of leggings with pockets at Trust us when we say that they’ll change your life for the better.


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