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Best Gym Wear Brands

Gym wear and sports clothing has made a massive impression in the fashion world, with new designers, new brands and high street stores adding their names to the thousands of suppliers already out there; and with good reason. The fitness fashion marketplace has boomed with everyone who is anyone owning multiple pairs of gym leggings and varieties of sports apparel. Anyone with any business sense, would be jumping on the bandwagon to claim some of the market for themselves.

This is great for wearers of gym clothes in some ways, as the choices available are more plentiful than ever before. However, whereas before, when there were only a handful of trusted gym wear brands, and nothing else much to choose from, we knew we could trust these big names. Nowadays, we’re left wondering if that online deal really is too good to be true, or if these running leggings are as squat proof as they promise to be.

pursue fitness

To make things a little easier for the gym goers and athletes out there, we have come up with details of our most favoured and trusted brands, to allow you to shop with complete peace of mind. All that’s left is to find what is the correct choice for you, and which designs and colours you wish to adorn.

Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness is an exciting, UK based fitness brand, offering not only a full range of both men and women’s fitness wear, but workout accessories too. Some of the items which they offer include seamless leggings, in a range of colours. They offer thick, high waist bands, for the ultimate comfort, and also the ultimate in style. What’s more, this incredible brand also offers seamless sports bras, in matching colours and designs to perfect and complete your workout outfit. Shorts, hoodies and tops are also available.

Men’s seamless tees and vests are also popular choices in the Pursue Fitness range, with loose fitting and tight fitting options available, as well as long and short sleeved options. The tapered joggers, with matching tapered hoodies are almost too good to sweat in, meaning you can wear these whether you’re heading to the gym or not. They ooze style and comfort, making you feel wonderful in every way.

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pursue fitness

So, whether you’re male or female, find the perfect outfit for strutting your stuff, working out or getting comfortable. There really is something for everyone.

Yoga mats, wrist wraps, lifting belts and straps are also offered by Pursue Fitness. Brands you can trust give you much more confidence in your training.


If sophistication is your thing, then this combination of French and Scandinavian, creating Famme, is the perfect choice for you. Famme specialises in women’s gym clothing, making their sportswear the epitome of class. They are unbeatable in the style department, but this doesn’t mean they are lacking in comfort or support.

The use of shading and tones helps to accentuate your figure, showing off your curves and edges in all the right ways.

Famme workout leggings are well-known for their compression materials, making you not only look great, slim and toned, but also offering excellent support for your muscles and joints during a workout. From tight calves to muffin tops, these fitness leggings take care of your every need. They’re almost too good to sweat in, but too comfortable not to.


The innovative designs make this workout wear stylish and comfortable, without being too out there. You will turn heads, without screaming: ‘look at me.’

Combat Dollies

Whereas, if you do want to scream ‘look at me,’ Combat Dollies are the brand for you. Kaleidoscopes of colours and out-there designs ensure you will be spotted, wherever you are. If psycho leggings are your thing, then you will not be disappointed with the collection available at Combat Dollies.

This gym wear is the ultimate squat proof material, offering extra compression too, making them figure hugging and flattering for any woman out there. With matching sports bras, and matching shorts options, you can have the full set of your favourite colours and patterns, to brighten the gym, and your workout.

Thick and high waist banded leggings and shorts, mean you don’t need to worry about exposing yourself in any workout position. From yoga to running, aerobics to boxing, this gym wear will keep you safe and protected.

Stylish gym bags are also available to complete the look, made from high quality and durable material.

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combat dollies

Golds Gym

Most gym-goers have more than likely heard of Gold’s Gym, with celebrities, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, promoting the gym for many years. However, not everyone is aware of their incredible sports brand. This gym has an incredible reputation, earned by hard work and dedication; this is also echoed in their gym wear.

Offering a range of both men and women’s gym clothing, from tees and vests, to tops and hoodies, and everything in between, you can find your workout wear here. Gold’s Gym believes that you train hard to look good, so your gym clothes should accentuate that, and show your physique to the best of its ability. So, whether you’re a tight fitting, crop top kind of person, or a loose fitting, sleeveless fan, Gold’s Gym has exactly what you’re looking for.

Not only is the clothing comfortable, flattering and supportive, it also displays the Gold’s Gym logo on most of the items, meaning your workout buddies will know you mean business when you turn up. You can become part of their success story, just by owning a piece of their kit. Wear it with confidence and pride and be the best that you can be.

All of the above mentioned fitness brands are of extremely high quality. They are durable and supportive, as well as comfortable and well fitting; meaning they can withstand your toughest workouts time and time again. Visit this top gym wear supplier to find any of these brands, amongst many others and find your perfect workout items and accessories.


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