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Matching Gym Sets

Give yourself a confidence boost by treating yourself to a new matching gym set. Perfectly coordinated gym wear can help to give you that extra bit of motivation to get out the front door and begin your workout; what we wear can help us feel good, and when we feel good, we are more likely to make positive decisions and commit to positive actions, such as working out.

So much of our workout is mental strength, as well as physical. When we get tired, or bored, we have to talk ourselves into not giving up. Our mental strength gets challenged repeatedly, and we need to keep pushing and driving to continue to develop and challenge our bodies. Everything around us affects this: the music we listen to, the friends we train with, the environment we train in, and the clothes which we wear.

Matching gym sets are a fun way to keep your workout interesting. You feel good, you look good, you train good! These matching gym sets consist of matching workout bottoms and gym tops, whether in the form of joggers or leggings, sports tops or vests. The colours and patterns will match and compliment each other, keeping you on top of workout fashion.


Leggings are the most popular choice currently of matching gym sets, as the world seems to have been taken by storm for gym leggings over the past decade. Gym leggings and sports bras are a great combination, allowing you to prepare for a hard, sweaty workout, or allowing you to show off your physique from your previous hard training. From your abs to your shoulders, thighs to your bottom, show your figure in it’s most flattering light with a matching gym set.

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Alternatively, you may choose for something which covers a little more, such as a crop top, vest or t-shirt. Some still offer support, some don’t, so bear in mind when shopping that you may also need a sports bra, as well as a top. Long sleeved tops are also available in matching gym sets.


Lounge wear, outside training or Winter training, may mean you prefer jogging bottoms. These often offer more warmth, sometimes fleece lining too, so you can be comfortable the whole year through. They are also a great option when going to and from your gym class, to ensure your muscles don’t cool down too quickly afterwards.

Generally, matching gym sets with joggers, will be teamed with a warmer top too; from fitted jackets, to cropped jackets and even sweatshirts. You can find the perfect piece to suit your needs depending on your training type and venue. Also, ensure you have the right cut for your comfort, fitted clothes are a great option if you are going to be wearing the jacket during your workout, as it reduces the risk of material catching and causing injury.


For those Summer months, or for those of you who just do not like to get too warm when working out, shorts are also available in matching gym sets, with matching tops, similar to the tops in the leggings section. Choose your comfort level, and then find your perfect design.

Pursue Fitness

The expert suppliers at GymWear UK have grouped matching gym sets to tempt and tease, from a wide range of high quality brands and designers. Pursue Fitness have an incredible range available, where you can choose between full length gym leggings, ¾ length gym leggings, or fitted seamless shorts, with a matching sports bra and long sleeved crop top.

Pursue Fitness also have a range of jackets available, giving you the option for a complete combo. These jackets are available in fleece materials, or more sweat wicking options. You can find matching joggers for these fleece jackets, which look so comfortable, you may find it a struggle to leave your sofa.

pursue fitness

The colours for all of these coordinated sets perfectly match, ensuring all eyes will turn to you for all the right reasons when you’re dressed to sweat. What’s more, these items are all of the highest quality, with seamless clothing, high waists and double stitching to ensure they stand the intensity of your workout and the test of time. You can sweat and wash again and again, and your clothing will not let you down. There is a wide choice of colours available too, ensuring you can find something you will love.

Combat Dollies

Combat Dollies also have a stunning collection of matching gym sets available, with full length leggings and capris available, as well as gym shorts. These come with matching sports bras, or crop tops with bold, bright designs to get you noticed. These combinations will make you keener than ever to get out the door, allowing you to show the world that your workout is fun and will get you results.


Famme have some incredible crop tops available, which match with their running leggings, especially popular in their wave style. These crop tops are push up crop tops, giving not only support, but also an extremely flattering look, so you can feel great as you work out.

Whatever your workout, whatever the time of year, you can find your perfect matching gym set online at GymWear UK. You can shop with complete peace of mind, that all brands supplied are tried and trusted, all with high recommendations and star ratings too. GymWear UK also has an incredible customer service, meaning you can ask for help and guidance throughout your shopping process. They also offer a return service, speedy and free delivery options, secure payment options and excellent value for money.

Visit online today at and find your perfect matching gym set. Why not stock up for the whole year through, to ensure you will stay coordinated and ahead of the game, whatever the weather. Happy shopping!


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