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Gym Leggings and Top Set

Whether you’ve lost your motivation and are looking for something to give you an extra push, whether you’ve set yourself a new challenge and are looking to treat yourself to keep you driven, whether you want to show off your well-earned physique or whatever your reasons or excuses, if you’re looking for a new pair of gym leggings and top set, you have come to the right place.

What we wear can affect our mood in many ways. Firstly, we have the confidence benefit. If you’re wearing something which makes you look good, it will help you to feel good too. Feeling good can help to improve performance, improve motivation, and ultimately, help you reach your fitness goals. In addition to this, correctly fitted gym leggings and top sets can also improve your performance and your workout session. Gym wear with the correct amount of compression and support can help to prevent injury and DOMs; do you need any more excuse to treat yourself?

Having the correct gym leggings and top set is also vital, when matching your workout to your gym wear. For high impact sports, ensure you have more supportive gym tops, whereas when participating in yoga or stretching exercises, focus on clothing with more elasticity, to ensure your movements aren’t limited. High waisted leggings are also a great option, to ensure you can bend and stretch, without losing your leggings.

So, if you’re looking for a perfectly coordinated set of gym leggings and top set, we have the most perfect combinations, for whatever your workout, whatever your shape and size and whatever your taste.

Gym Leggings and Top Set

Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness have a stunning selection of matching gym leggings and top sets. Seamless sports bras and leggings in a wide selection of colours, including purple, khaki, blue, black, orange, lilac, grey, ocean and many more. The sports tops available vary from sports bras to long sleeved crop tops, and matching shorts are also available. Whatever the weather, whatever your style, there is sure to be something to suit your needs. The seamless designs make the gym leggings and top sets much more comfortable, as well as making them more durable, allowing you to work out harder for longer.

Pursue Fitness also have complimenting hoodies and joggers available for a more cosy, casual style of workout wear, or lounge wear if you’d prefer. The styles available cover every requirement, meaning you can complete your workout wardrobe with just one shopping trip.

Gym Leggings and Top Set


Famme have a trendy, stylish image, often specialising in black and darker colours. This brand specialises in making the best of your physique, from well fitted clothing to push up sports bras. You can find the perfect fit to accentuate your curves and edges. Work out and feel great, in high quality, shaping garments. The designs are seamless, with textures strategically placed to enhance your curves to a greater degree. Feel and look as wonderful as you are with Famme gym leggings and top sets. It’s not all just about the look though; the comfort and support offered by these items are second to none, with the very best technology used to ensure sweat wicking and compression is high on the list of priorities. Keep yourself as cool as you can with these items, and your skin sweat free, keeping you looking as hot as your clothes.

Combat Dollies

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, Combat Dollies is more than likely the brand for you. From bright, vibrant colours, to psychedelic designs, Combat Dollies will ensure you are not left in the dark. Stand out while you work out for all the right reasons. With extra compression, high waisted, seamless designs, Combat Dollies will keep everything in the right place, no matter how hard you train. Whether you lift, run or bend, you can achieve your greatest goals with these matching gym leggings and top sets. Shorts, ¾ lengths, full length varieties and more are available, all with matching sports bras, and often with complimenting gym tops too.

All of these gym leggings and top sets are made from the very highest quality materials, receiving five-star ratings and impressive reviews. Items are made to last, meaning you won’t need to keep replacing and changing your clothing, you can keep adding to your collection, safe in the knowledge that these items will last for years to come.

Gym Leggings and Top Set

Workout wear isn’t just something you buy to sweat in, it is an investment into your fitness and your wellbeing. The difference between high quality gym wear and imitations is visible to the eye, but more importantly, to the touch. You will physically feel different when you opt for these high-quality items, feeling the snug fit, the support and the texture. Comfort means so much during a workout, it can be the difference between completing your workout and not. It can be the difference between rashes and chaffing, or comfort and endurance. Don’t let your clothing stop you being the very best person you can be; the very best athlete you can be.

GymWear UK specialises in finding the latest up and coming designers, offering gym clothing of an exceptional quality. They ensure the clothing is on trend and highly rated by experienced users of the brand. What’s more, they also offer an extremely pleasurable, online shopping experience. Shop online, from the comfort of your own home, and be safe in the knowledge that you are getting a customer service to rival all others. Secure online payments, speedy and free delivery options, easy returns and guarantees and competitive pricing; what more could you ask for.

Visit online at and find exactly what you want. Browse through the collection of gym leggings and top sets, and find the right item for you. You may even find other gym wear items and accessories to make your workout that bit easier and that bit more enjoyable too. Treat yourself, because you are worth the investment.


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