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Best Gym Clothes For Women

One of the biggest sellers on the fashion market today, is fitness apparel. Fitness clothing has become a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe, from school mums to models, athletes to yogis. Whoever you are, whatever you do, chances are you own some gym clothes.

It can be hard to know what to buy for which workout with so many pieces available on the market, and it most definitely isn’t a case of one size fits all. What we might recommend for running, might not be ideal for stretching. Equally, different times of year, different shapes and sizes, and differing preferences all play a part in deciding the best gym clothes for women.

womens gym clothes

Often, with high impact exercises, ladies need extra support in their sports bras. Also, with high intensity training, extra compression can be a welcome support, to prevent injury and reduce DOMs. Another important factor when contemplating the best gym clothes for women during high intensity workouts, is to ensure that you are kept as cool as possible through the intense part of your workout. Panels and sweat wicking materials are extremely effective at this, which is wear supermarket and cheaper brands may not always be as effective as specialist fitness brands.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more comfortable workout wear, such as something for yoga or stretching, you may want to prioritise high waisted clothing, to ensure your clothing keeps you covered throughout your weird and wonderful poses. You may also find that slightly more stretchy, less compressive clothing would be a better option, to ensure that your flexibility isn’t restricted. The best gym clothes for women, can often be items which combine all of the above, especially if you mix your workouts up frequently, and don’t want to require different pieces for every workout.

To find the best gym clothes for women, can be a minefield. There is so much available, but it’s important that you choose wisely. No one wants see through leggings, or bottoms which come down with you when you bend. No one wants ill-fitting sports tops or non-supportive sports bras. Finding where to shop can help rid of these problems, which you might otherwise struggle with. We also want to ensure that the quality of items is high, without seams splitting and material losing it’s elasticity.

GymWear UK is a reputable supplier of the best gym clothes for women. All of the products they stock are hugely popular, because of their durability and their style. GymWear UK recognises that both functionality and style are important to the user; after all, who wants to workout in gym gear they don’t feel fabulous in?

Brands such as Famme, Pursue Fitness and Combat Dollies are amongst the designers supplied by these experts. Comfort and style are essential for the best gym clothes for women. If you are passionate about your health and wellbeing, passionate about your fitness, then chances are you are passionate about investing in yourself, ensuring you are buying quality items.

womens gym clothes

As well as comfort and style, individuality can be important to gym goers. We all want to share our passions; we can do so through the clothes we wear. Let your clothing show your love and your personality, whilst it supports you to perform to your best ability.

Pursue Fitness

Pursue Fitness have a selection of the best gym clothing for women. They have a wide range of shorts and leggings, benefitting from high, supportive, non-slip waistbands to make your workout as comfortable as possible. The fabric is designed with 4-way stretch construction, to ensure maximum movement in every direction. This is great for any movement, especially yoga and Pilates. However, it is also beneficial for those deeper squats, and any range of movement. The fabric used is also sweat wicking, helping to keep you cool when you are working out hard. This also helps to protect your skin from chaffing and rashes, keeping you as healthy as possible.

Pursue Fitness also have a stunning range of sports bras. They have sports bras available with suitable support for high intensity workouts. There are also crop tops and sports tops available, all in a range of coordinating and matching colours to the shorts and leggings. These items are stylish and trendy, and available in a whole range of colours to suit many varying tastes.

Seamless thongs are also a great addition to any girl’s gym wardrobe. These are comfortable enough to wear on your rest days, and also great for your biggest workout. The seamless edges will leave no sign of your underwear, on your outerwear. It also reduces the risk of chaffing and discomfort against your skin. What’s more, they are sweat wicking material, leaving you as cool and comfortable as you could hope to be.

womens gym clothes


Famme have an incredible collection of the trendiest, most sassy gym leggings you could ever wish to see. With many of the benefits mentioned before, but with different panelling and styles to accentuate the female form, Famme take style to the next level. In fact, you could be forgiven for teaming these gym leggings with heels and wearing them on a night out, instead of to the gym.

Browse the collection online and view the wave patterns and colours to see the effect of some of the best gym clothes for women.

The other brands available from are equally stunning and offering complete individuality. Whatever your style and personality, you will be able to find the perfect piece online with these reputable experts. GymWear UK prides themselves on having a selection of the best up and coming gym wear brands. Be at the front of the queue and the top of the fashion tree with these gym clothing items and accessories.

Find the best gym clothes for women, shopping with complete peace of mind, fair prices, speedy delivery and secure payment, with just one shop. You will be able to find the perfect items for your workout and your personality, whoever you are.


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