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Best Running Leggings UK

At the top of my wish list, for as long as I can remember, every Birthday, every Christmas, is new running leggings. I don’t mean cheap, see-through, fall down items either, I mean the best running leggings UK.

From runners, strength trainers, yogis and busy mums, to couch potatoes, there is no one that cannot benefit from the best running leggings UK. They ooze style, comfort and support, whatever you’re into. What’s more, there are styles and designs, colours and sizes to suit every individual, so no female in any walk of life needs to be left out from this popular item.

gym leggings

Finding the best running leggings UK can be difficult, especially as the market is now so swamped with fitness attire. Wearing the wrong leggings, whether they’re ill fitting, poorly made or of inappropriate material, can make these awesome items, awful. They look bad, they make you look bad, they feel uncomfortable and they don’t last. No one wants to wear and wash their leggings a handful of times, and then need to replace them. When workout wear is cheap to buy, generally there is a reason for it, and the benefits of finding something affordable, but of high quality, is well worth the effort.

High Waisted Leggings

The best running leggings UK, in my opinion, are the high waisted compression leggings. These are flattering in style, because they accentuate all your curves and your feminine shape. The compression also makes them extremely supportive, throughout any workout, and prevents them falling or riding down as you run or stretch. The high waisted design, also adds to comfort and confidence, as you don’t need to worry about exposing yourself in your deep stretches and forward bends.

The best running leggings UK can help you feel and look fantastic. Thankfully, there are experts at the suppliers Gym Wear UK, who can help and guide you in making the right decision for your purchase. Once you have found the perfect brand, there will be no turning back.

Seamless Leggings

Seamless gym leggings are a great option for the best running leggings UK, because the lack of seams can encourage longevity and increase comfort. No seams to cause chaffing and rubbing whilst you run, no seams coming apart after constant heavy use and washing; why would you choose anything else?


Another thing to consider when choosing your best running leggings UK, is whether you require pockets, and if so, where. Zip pockets can be great for cyclists and runners, but not so great for gym classes and yoga practises. Back pockets can be great to keep everything out the way, unless you need easy access mid run, to check your distance or change your music on your phone. Decide what your requirements are and make your decision on the best running leggings UK, from there.

gym leggings with pockets

The brands supplied by the experts at Gym Wear UK are all highly recommended. They ensure you will get the best running leggings UK, both from a sense of comfort and style. Rest assured that you will look unique for all the right ways, and for once, looking good doesn’t come at the expense of feeling great; style and comfort here can go hand in hand.

Combat Dollies

Combat Dollies are a personal favourite of mine, for many reasons. In all honesty, the number one reason is the crazy colours and patterns. They make you stand out from a crowd and they allow you to display your personality, simply through the clothes you’re wearing. I love how these best running leggings UK also have matching sports bras and gym tops, enabling you to feel utterly fantastic in your coordinated, and somewhat crazy, gym wear.

Combat Dollies have most, if not all, of their best running leggings UK available in a range of lengths too, making them great all year round, no matter how hot or cold. The colours range from pretty pastels, to outstanding neons, with everything in between. Have a browse and find what suits your style and personality.

Also, Combat Dollies running leggings, are the best compression leggings I am yet to try. If you like a lot of compression in your clothing, these are a great choice.


EHTE-8 also has an incredible stock of some of the best running leggings UK. High waisted options are the popular choice amongst these, with these leggings being seamless and made from high quality material. The panelling effect is not only great for keeping your skin cool and dry, but also a great way to accentuate your figure. Your bum will have never looked better than in these leggings. The fabric is engineered to perfection, giving you that ‘second skin’ feeling. You will be forgiven for wanting to live in these leggings.

Styles of the EHTE-8 leggings are typically darker, and perhaps more sophisticated, but still with an element of fun included. They also include scrunch bum designs, to flatter the figure further. This workwear promises to take your workout to the next level.

Pursue Fitness

A high contender for the best running leggings UK from the highly reputable Pursue Fitness brand. These experts have every colour catered for, with more simple styles, making it easier to coordinate your gym wear with other items in your wardrobe. Alternatively, there are matching sports tops available, if you want to take advantage of this. Pursue Fitness leggings can be described as seamless, flattering and super stretchy. These are great for yoga and Pilates classes, as well as athletic wear, due to the elasticity of the material.

pursue fitness leggings

Moisture-wicking materials help to keep you cool, whilst you work out, with seamless designs to increase the comfort and durability of your new gym wear. Feel and look fantastic with these sophisticated running leggings and enhance your figure to the best of it’s ability.

GymWear UK supplies all of the above brands, and more. They offer peace of mind on purchasing goods, that your items really are amongst the very best out there. They constantly monitor their suppliers, ensuring you will always be on trend, welcoming customer feedback to allow their supplies to remain the best. Find the best running leggings UK online here at


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