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Best Workout Clothes for Big Guys

So many people seem to have the impression that gyms are full of athletic types, already in shape, who rock up to pose their perfect bodies. It can be daunting and intimidating for anyone, especially if you are overweight. However, if ever you’ve set foot in a gym, you will quickly learn that this is not the case. Gyms are full of all shapes and sizes, with varied abilities and personalities. Some people flaunt it, others hide on the corner treadmill wishing for invisibility. However, despite what newcomers may think, the majority of people working out at a gym are supportive of others, whatever their shape and size. People who are into their fitness know that it has to start somewhere, and so rarely judge people who are starting out, or any others, on their fitness journey. Therefore, if you’re big, embrace it and go smash your goals.

Knowing what to wear to the gym can be difficult for anyone, especially if it’s a new place. The number one rule, and the most important part of any workout wear, is to ensure you feel comfortable. You don’t want to invest in something which is going to make you feel self-conscious, restrict movement or distract you from your workout in any way.

Upper Body

Trying to hide away under a hoodie or similar, is never going to enhance your workout or improve your body image. You will overheat, stand out more than anyone and not enjoy a moment of your exercise.

If you are self-conscious about your size, why not opt for a T-shirt or looser fitting tank top as opposed to a tight fitted vest? The extra breathing space can not only help to prevent you feeling self-conscious, but it can also be a great way to keep cooler when working out, as there is more space for circulating air.

Lower Body

Whether you choose to opt for shorts or joggers is entirely up to you. Loose fitting shorts, joggers or tights/leggings are an acceptable option for anyone. The material you opt for is important, make sure the materials are breathable and make sure the fit is comfortable. Other than that, you will look great, as long as you are able to move freely.


Another important factor when choosing your workout, is to ensure the material is breathable. Active wear is much kinder to your skin as it helps to keep the sweat away from your body. This helps to keep you cooler when working out, as well as preventing rashes and chaffing. Old fashioned cotton T-shirts or socks are not ideal as they will get heavy with sweat, weigh you down and make you smell bad. None of these things will motivate you to get back in the gym.

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