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Best Workout Leggings UK

Whatever your style, whatever your personality, you have a need for workout leggings. Whether you know it yet or not, if you’re a fitness enthusiast or not, you have a need for workout leggings. The wonderful news is, the selection available is beyond phenomenal. From every imaginable colour, style, brand and design can be found to suit your individual needs, with focus on comfort, support, warmth, breathability and style. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or just someone who rates style and comfort.

So how do you know which are the best workout leggings around? There are so many to choose from, but the last thing you want is being left with a pair of ill-fitting gym trousers, which reduce mobility and flexibility. We need to ensure your workout wear is squat proof, durable and comfortable, as well as supportive. The experts at GymWear UK have compiled a collection of the best workout leggings available, leaving the choice much safer and more pleasurable as you can have confidence in the items you select.

With new collections available from the expert designers at Famme, you can find something for everyone. You will love the designs and the positives they bring.

Famme Elevate Wave 2

These new high waisted leggings are selling out due to popular demand, and it really is no wonder. Available in a pale pink, turquoise blue, or a more subdued light grey, you can be who you want to be. These colours team perfectly with many others, meaning coordinating your workout wear has never been easier.

These leggings offer great compression and support, great for athletes looking for that extra level of support. They are also slightly heavier, meaning they also have the ability to keep you that bit warmer during those colder days.

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The seamless technology not only offers excellent comfort and reduced chafing, it also improves the durability of the workout leggings. In addition to this, this seamless addition and incredible design, works wonders at accentuating and enhancing feminine curves. Those glutes and quads you have worked hard to sculpt will look stronger and curvier than before, while the added compression, also holds everything in place too.

The Famme Elevate Wave 2 workout leggings are high waisted, making them much more comfortable and practical during a workout, or relax. They are also ultimately squat proof, made of soft fabric and come with the added bonus of being anti-crease. These workout leggings look amazing on all body shapes and types.

Famme Vortex 2

This stunning design is available in green, wine, navy, black and dark grey. They offer the benefit of moisture wicking properties, making them great at keeping your body cool and keeping the sweat away from your skin, preventing discomfort, chafing, rashes and nasty odours. They are also compressive, due to the higher content of elastane.

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Famme Vortex 2 come in high waisted designs, making them a great choice for your workout, holding everything in as you bend, squat and move. The seamless textures created means that these fitness leggings are extremely flattering to the female shape. They’re lightweight, breathable, soft and extremely comfortable.

Famme Camo Scrunch Bum

These Famme Scrunch bum leggings are available in the camo design in green, grey and charcoal, with the image being sophisticated, yet fun. Once again Famme use their advanced seamless technology to offer the wearer the very best in comfort and durability. They are delicate towards the softest of skin, making you look forward to wearing them, as they fit like a second skin.

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As well as the hold in, high waisted benefits delivered by this designer, they also offer a scrunch detail at the back, enhancing a flattering peach-bum shape. Make those hours of training feel beyond worth it by accentuating your assets and allow yourself to feel as good as you look, without losing comfort.

Famme Fleek

Famme Fleek high waisted workout leggings are available in red, black and navy, with matching sports bras available for those looking for the ultimate in presentation. These workout leggings ooze grace, style and comfort, with nylon, polyester and elastane coming together to form your perfect piece of gym wear.

These soft and stretchy gym leggings are also seamless, ensuring comfort and durability remain, with moisture wicking material also used to protect your skin and keep you comfortable.

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These gym leggings are lightweight, breathable, squat proof and high waisted to ensure you can perform any workout you desire with support and comfort never being an issue.

Famme Ombre

Saving my personal favourite; best until last. The Famme Ombre collection is available in grey/blue, grey/light grey and black/dark grey. This ombre collection is so hot you could be forgiven for wearing them on a night out. Not only are they perfect in the gym, you could also team them with heels and wear them in your office or to a bar and still be the epitomy of style.

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Aside from how great they look, you still benefit from the seamless technology, which Famme does best. These dip dye leggings are comfortable and well fitted, allowing you to focus on your workout, without distraction from chafing or slipping. They offer extra elasticity, allowing you to get even deeper into your yoga asana, without losing the hold in effect, offering you the support you need to protect your muscles and joints.

Squat proof and high waisted, also means you can work out, without fear of exposing unwanted areas.

But don’t take my word for it, view the stunning gym leggings available online at and find the perfect pair of workout leggings for you. All items come with money back guarantees, delivery options, secure payment services and an excellent customer service. Don’t forget to check out the matching gym wear to coordinate with your latest purchase while you’re online too, you deserve it.


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