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Massage Gun Reviews

Massage guns are the new big fitness gadget on the market, making muscle soreness and tightness, a thing of the past. Massage guns make the average person able to perform basic pain-relieving massages, to a multitude of areas, meaning you can work your muscles for longer, without the discomfort that used to follow.

Massage guns can be used before a warm up, to ensure muscles are properly warmed before a workout, preventing not only muscle soreness, but also injury. When muscles are properly warmed, the risk of doms is reduced, and the body can work more effectively.

A massage gun, is quite simply, a handheld device, with a selection of interchangeable heads to target different areas. They are said to provide a deep tissue massage, allowing for successful self-massage. This massage is convenient because it is available anytime, anywhere, on demand. The handheld devices are extremely portable, and come with a rechargeable battery for added convenience.

With any popular gadget, it can be hard to choose the best from the worst, so we have put together details of our favourite four massage guns, to help you choose the perfect device for you.

Massage Gun Taotronics Muscle Massager

This massage gun comes with 20 speed settings, reaching 3200rpm/min. It benefits from 10 hour battery life when fully charged, and a variety of 6 different massage heads to help you target the desired areas each time. The gun is lightweight, making it easy to carry around, and it also comes in a handy protective carry case. The value for money is incredible, taking your pain away at a very affordable rate.


The product has been described by users as: “A must need if you’re active!” and “One of my favourite brands”. One user has also stated that “…this was honestly a game changer, after going to the gym for several months, this really helped with relaxing muscles…The product itself is amazing quality and really well built…Would highly recommend if you are very active and looking for something to help you relax.”

The consensus from thousands of users appears to be very similar, with the product holding a 5 star review online. It is clear to see how this product has found it’s way onto our top 4.

Massage Gun ALDOM Massage Gun Deep Tissue

This ALDOM massage gun has 30 speeds available, with 6 available interchangeable heads, and the ability to offer a deep tissue massage to ease and reduce muscle tension. It benefits from 8 hours of battery life, with a green, amber, red indicator, showing remaining battery life, for your convenience.

This massage gun increases blood flow to the muscles required, improving the condition and health of soft tissues. The prevention or reduction of muscle stiffness, knots and aches is surely priceless, yet this product is extremely affordable.


ALDOM prides themselves on the aerodynamic noise reduction shell, making the noise considerably quieter than it’s competitors. The maximum speed offers levels of up to 4800 percussions per minute, meaning it can release tension, even in the tightest of places.

The massage gun comes in a protective carry case for your convenience, keeping your new product safe and transportable at all times.

This review from a regular user displays many of the useful ways of benefitting from your gun:-

“This massager has been a game changer for me, I use it before pole [dancing] if I don’t have time to do a full warm up…and again after my cool down and stretch. I’ve noticed my muscles recover faster and I’m a lot less sore, even after a particularly long/hard workout. The vibrations feel lovely and relaxing on your muscles, but you can make it deeper and more uncomfortable like a sports massage if you want to! It’s lightweight and easy to hold in one hand…”

Whatever your workout of choice, or depth of massage, this massage gun offers a variety of massages to suit your needs.

Massage Gun, EKUPUZ Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue

This ultra quiet gun offers a range of 20 different speed levels, with 6 interchangeable massage heads and LCD touch display. The gun lasts for up to 8 hours, with a rechargeable battery for effective massages over and over again. The brushless motor operates at 1200-3200 r/min, despite it’s reduced sound.


This massage gun comes in a stylish looking carry case for convenience and protection, meaning you can have a massage any time, night or day, at work or play. Muscle stiffness and soreness is reduced and prevented, whilst blood circulation is accelerated. It is even suggested to stimulate muscle growth and improve muscle responsiveness, keeping you fitter and healthier for longer.

It is said to be suitable for any users, from the elderly, to the super fit, and anyone in between. “Perfect for people like me that suffer from muscle pain after a gym session. Excellent for getting into problem areas such as calves, hamstrings, thighs shoulder and chest.”

This product is perfect for a gift for a loved one or yourself.

OPOVE Massage Gun Muscle Massager Deep Tissue

This silver massager with accurate percussion, offers an effective, deep tissue massage. It is waterproof, has an anti-drop shell, and a non-slip handle to ensure the best grip for an epic massage.

When used properly, this massage gun can help to shorten recovery time, as well as preventing injury, increasing range of motion and flexibility. It also relieves and prevents pain.


The Opove massager has speeds of up to 3200 percussions per minute, and offers 3 hours of battery life per charge. It comes equipped with 6 interchangeable heads for a variety of massage availability. You also get a one year warranty with this product for complete peace of mind.

An experienced massage gun user rates this gun with 5 stars and declares that this gun is “bigger and it’s finished better than others I’ve tried. What it truly is, is a deep tissue massager, where others have not been powerful enough, this one has sufficient to make pretty light work of it…Impressed.”

All of the above products are almost certain to improve your aches and pains and improve your soft tissue health. Now all that’s left to do, is choose which one best suits your budget and your requirements. And for all your other workout needs, visit


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