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Best Vegan Protein

Vegan protein is a popular addition to vegan athletes, to ensure they are getting all of their essential nutrients, to make up for energy dispensed during exercise. They come in a range of powders, bars, capsules and ready-made shakes to suit each individual need and requirement. Vegan proteins are a great way to allow vegans to fuel their training, whilst sticking to a plant-based diet. Some of our favourites are listed below.

SCI-MX Nutrition Pro V-Gain Protein Powder, Plant Based, 2.2 kg, Chocolate

Whether you are looking for exercise recovery or competition training, the SCI-MX Nutrition Pro V-Gain Protein Powder, is a great option to give you the energy you require. This is a great choice for vegans and vegetarians, offering the ultimate high protein formula. This is dairy free, and includes an incredible 33g of plant-based protein, meaning you can enjoy your consumption, safe in the knowledge that the ingredients are all natural. Vitamins and minerals are boosted with this protein powder, decreasing fatigue and even injury, as you aid to keep your body stronger for longer. Muscle mass building is also a plus point of this tasty chocolate shake.


Bulk Vegan Protein Powder, Vanilla, 1 kg

Not only is this protein powder great for you, it’s great for the environment too, made clear by the inclusion of the climate pledge friendly certification. Be the best you, whilst also making your world as good as it can be. The protein powder is high quality, premium protein powder, made from an exclusive blend of 5 plant-based sources.


This Bulk powder is free from soya, with a blend of pea, brown rice and pumpkin proteins, and flaxseed and quinoa flour too. The result is a tasty, effective protein powder, which gives you energy, strength and stamina to keep pushing your goals and challenging yourself. This comes without artificial sweeteners or colourings too, making the taste not only delicious, but also natural too.

nu3 Vegan Protein 3K Shake – Chocolate Blend – 1 KG Plant Based Protein Powder

The protein powder with effective muscle building capabilities. This powder contains 3 different types of protein sources, all of which are suitable for vegans. Pea protein, hemp and rice protein, creates a combination to rival any animal protein shake, still with a great taste and texture. Described as ‘less gritty’ than other vegan shakes, and with subtle sweetening to make it more delicious than others too, it is a great source of energy and nutrients, allowing you to concentrate on your training instead of getting bogged down with fatigue.


This protein powder can be mixed with water or milk, depending on your preference, making it more versatile than other options. You can use this as a pre-workout drink, giving you extra strength and energy to complete a tougher, longer workout, or you can use it as a post exercise powder, preventing aches, soreness and fatigue. nu3 works well to support muscle growth, and also to build more muscle tissue. It isn’t exclusive to body builders and strength trainers either, it is also a popular choice amongst cross and functional training athletes.

With a delicious chocolate taste, free from additives, and with great results, there’s no wonder nu3 is such a popular choice far and wide.

PhD Smart Plant Bar – High Protein Low Sugar Vegan Friendly Protein Bar, Dark Chocolate Brownie

When you hear the word chocolate brownie, you can assume calorific, with little nutritional benefits. However, PhD Smart Plant Bars are all the benefits and the delicious taste. This performance nutrition piece, is vegan approved, suiting all your lifestyle needs. What’s more, the plant bar is a great option for an on the go snack, it’s convenient and nutritious, which is a rarity, with something so delicious.


This particular plant bar is covered in dairy free chocolate, topped with protein crispies and a caramel layer, with a soft velvet centre. The 16g bar contains less than 3g of sugar, and less than 199 calories. It has been said to aid with fat loss, due to the accompaniment of L-Carnitine and green tea extract.

Whether you’re male or female, if you are looking for a high energy snack, high in protein, and low in carbs, then PhD could be the perfect option. It’s a great option for anyone looking to lose weight, as part of a balanced diet, with exercise.

This product is also climate pledge friendly, making it a great choice for the environment, as well as you.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 Percent Plant Vegan and Gluten Free Protein Powder with Vitamin B12

Maximise your potential throughout your workout and beyond with Optimum Nutrition Gold. You can be the very best you, ensuring your body is getting essential nutrition through your fitness journey.


When we are using energy and burning calories at a higher rate, often our bodies can struggle to absorb the nutrients they require, and we can start to see dips in performance and improvement. However, the experts at Optimum Nutrition have this protein powder to keep you going for longer.

Whether you are looking for post-workout recovery assistance, pre-workout energy, or on the go nutrition, you can get what you need with this product. This is the world’s best-selling whey protein. It assists in muscle growth, as well as the benefits discussed above.

With over 30 years experience, 90 countries supplied to, there is little wonder why this is the best seller. Research and testing is second to none, and peace of mind comes at no extra cost, with this established supplier.

Maintain your muscle mass, whilst training in cardio and beyond, without the usual fatigue. It can be taken between meals, in the morning, or post-workout, and results shall be enjoyed.

There are thousands more options on the market, but these are a select few which we think you will love. Opt for what suits your requirements best, or a blend of them all. Enjoy the benefits these high-quality products bring. Why not treat yourself to a new outfit too, to really boost your workout motivation?


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