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Womens Home Gym Equipment

No membership required. Women’s home gym equipment has really come into its own over recent months, with more and more people taking their workout home. Make your workout more accessible and less time consuming, by creating your own home gym with the top women’s gym equipment. Ensure a range of cardio and strength training exercises are available by varying your items; and remember, small items such as a floor mat, hand weights and bands can make any workout that bit harder, more effective and more comfortable.

There are so many machines out there these days, promising to change this or tone that, it can be difficult to know which items offer the best value for money. We have put some details of the top items below to get you started.

Tomshoo 5 Piece Exercise Set

This simple, yet effective set, has everything any starter may need: a jump rope, push up bar, hand gripper, abdominal roller and knee pad. You can take these items almost anywhere, allowing you to work out in your home or garden, at a time convenient to you. No worrying about opening hours or traffic, peak times or memberships. From your shoulders to your abs, from muscle toning to fat burning, this exercise set has everything you need to keep you fit and firm.


The ab roller is a sure way to build strength in your shoulders and abdominals, without the need for, sometimes damaging, crunches. You can often see results in just a few weeks when used regularly, with a controlled diet. You will also strengthen your core, back and chest muscles too.

The hand gripper is not only easy to use, and a great stress reliever, it is also a great way to build strength in the hands, wrists and forearms. This can make many sports and hobbies easier, such as tennis, musical instruments and golf.

The jump rope speaks for itself; it encourages you to get active, burn fat and improve your cardio health. It can travel with you anywhere, making it a great investment because of it’s versatility. Improve your speed, agility, balance and strength with this one simple item.

The push up bars make your push ups far more efficient, encouraging the correct posture and technique. Build your upper body: chest, triceps and shoulders, to shape and define you.

Xn8 Aerobic Stepper Fitness Steps

This durable stepper is so eye catching, you won’t be able to wait to use it. From old school step aerobics, to deeper stretch classes, this stepper can help you improve your balance, coordination, strength and muscle tone. With height adjustments from 10cm, 15cm and 20cm, by simply adding or reducing the additional steps, you can work as hard as you desire.


All steps are non-slip, giving you the comfort to enjoy your workout, without losing your footing. So get stepping to shape your legs, lose fat and burn calories.

Leg Master Fiona Summers LegMaster Slim Body Exerciser

There are few, if any muscles, more important to exercise, than your pelvic floor muscles. To keep your comfort and dignity in later life, keep your pelvic floor strong. This piece of equipment, not only helps to trim and tone your legs, but also helps to burn fat and strengthen your pelvic floors at the same time.


This LegMaster assure you that you will see results when using it for only 60 seconds per day. Inner thighs, lower abdomen and pelvic floor muscles, all of which can be hard to hit, are targeted during this workout. Convenient and extremely effective in just 60 seconds, you will see results, which walking, swimming and running alone don’t offer.

The legs are swept in and out, working against gravity, to strengthen these vital muscle groups. Your legs will become more shapely, your stomach flatter, all with just 60 second bursts of workout. Another plus point for this machine is that there is no impact on the joints.

Himaly Exercise Resistance Bands Set, 5 Pcs Strength Training

These 5 resistance bands can be used anywhere, to work any muscle in the body. They are versatile in travel and use, making them both timeless and effective to all. Each band has a varying resistance level to another, offering differing exercise intensities. Each band can be used alone, or in conjunction with another, offering many varying combinations to suit you.


The soft foam handle makes them comfortable and easy to use, the door anchor and ankle straps ensure complete versatility on your workout. You will even get a carry bag, to easily transport your items with you.

From yoga to pilates, strength training to power lifting, these items offer everything you need to keep fit. They are also a great aid for rehabilitation and physiotherapy at home. In case you are a little unsure how to get the most out of your bands, you will also receive a workout booklet, instructing you through some exercises to keep you motivated and increase your knowledge.

These bands offer the benefits of hand weights, without the need to lug around and store varying weight options. So tone and build strength all over with these durable, flexible resistance bands.

Himaly Folding Mini Exercise Bike Portable Home Pedal Exerciser

Workout your arms and legs, wherever you are. At your desk, on your sofa, or in your home gym, you can squeeze in extra minutes of exercise with this extremely effective and portable pedal exerciser. It comes with adjustable resistance to ensure you can workout to your ability, whether you’re a trained athlete or complete beginner.


Track your distance, calories and time with the LCD display screen, and improve your cardio fitness and arm or leg strength with every cycle. Whats more, no more having to store a large exercise bike in your garage, this is lightweight and portable, and therefore, far more useable than a full-on exercise bike.

All of the women’s home gym equipment above can be used as solitary items or to build the perfect home gym. It is all versatile and suitable for use at almost any level. Make the best of you, starting today.

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