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Diet Vs Exercise

In the fitness world, we're frequently told that you can't out train a bad diet. That by consuming the wrong foods, even if we're spending hours working it off, we will not gain our dream body. We're also frequently informed that abs are made in the kitchen.

To a degree, this is true. The very best way to lead a healthy lifestyle and to look after your body is to balance frequent exercise, with a balanced diet. However, to say you can't out train a bad diet, might not be as true as we are led to believe.

The basic maths of weight gain and weight loss is intertwined with calories consumed and calories burned. In the most simplistic form, if you consume more calories than you burn off, then you will gain weight, whatever your size, weight or gender. If you consume less calories than you burn, then this calorie deficit will lead you to lose weight. Therefore, if you eat excessive calories, but train insanely hard, you can still reach a calorie deficit.

Looking at this in more detail, the types of food you eat can play a part in your body composition, as can the way you train. For example, eating fruit will be more easy for your body to break down than drinking alcohol, or eating unhealthy carbohydrates, even if the calorie level is the same, but it is still not an impossibility to lead to positive results with a bad diet, within reason.

In addition to this information, timing and exercise type is also important. If you do weight training and then consume excess fat or sugar, these calories can be stored in your muscles, as opposed to around your organs. After weight training, our body metabolises calories at a faster rate, making it easier to increase muscle mass, and less likely to store that 'bad fat', which we love to hate.

Take out food, high sugar options and high fat diets are not ideal for optimum health, and can affect our health and fitness levels, leading to less exercise and therefore, weight gain. However, within reason, bad diets can be combated with the right training; so don't let those festive parties be an excuse for your weight gain this Christmas. Accept that you need to work for those high calorie splurges, and enjoy your weight maintenance or loss, all season through.

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