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Do Gym Leggings Make You Look Fat?

Ill-fitting clothing, whether it be gym leggings, shorts, bikinis or any other item, can make you look fat. It’s a no brainer. If you have too tight waistbands digging into your skin, it will create overhang, whether in the belly, arms, thighs or anywhere else. However, is it true that gym leggings will make you look fat regardless?

Some people claim that leggings are an unflattering item of clothing, and not to be worn if not needed. Others claim that gym leggings are a staple clothing item, which offer the ultimate in comfort and flexibility, whatever your daily activity. Personally, I believe that gym leggings can be an unflattering item of clothing, but they can also be a very flattering item of clothing, depending on how you wear them.

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High Waisted Gym Leggings

Like anything, if you wear the correct style of gym leggings for your body shape, of a high-quality material, gym leggings can work to accentuate your curves and hold in any wobbly bits, giving you a flatter stomach and firmer bottom and thighs. High waisted leggings can be a great choice to get this more slimline look.

Scrunch Bum Leggings

If you are looking to accentuate your curves, and flatten other bits, then wearing high waisted, scrunch bum leggings can be a great way to achieve this look. The scrunch material and design helps to add volume to your bum, preventing that ‘pancake bum’ look, which can otherwise happen with compression leggings. The compression material helps to keep your bottom from wobbling, and can help to keep it lifted too, resulting in a perfectly shaped bottom.


Panelling, colours and designs can also affect the overall look of your gym leggings. Patterns can work to slim or accentuate. From curves and arcs around the buttocks, to lines and panels through the thigh area; the pattern on your clothing can really affect the visual effect of the shape of your body. Colours can also have this effect, with darker colours, generally, being more flattering than light. That said however, it’s important to also add a splash of your personality with your gym leggings, it’s not always about looking as slim as possible. We want to add fun and difference to our gym wardrobe to help to motivate us to want to wear our clothing.

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The most important thing about your gym wear is that it is comfortable, supportive, flexible and that you feel confident and good in what you are wearing. Our gym leggings should never hinder or distract us from our workouts. When we feel good, we are able to focus more on our workout and therefore see better results, driving us further forward.

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