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Which Gym Leggings Are Most Flattering?

Gym leggings are everywhere. They are in a plentiful supply of different colours, styles and designs to tempt and to tease. Gym leggings can easily become an addiction because of the way they make you feel; comfortable and supported, and the versatility of activities you can perform whilst wearing them.

High Waisted Gym Leggings

High waisted gym leggings are a great choice for ladies at the gym. They are comfortable, and work to accentuate your curves, bringing out all of your best bits. High waisted gym leggings help to hold your tummy in, giving your waist a slim look, and sometimes helping to increase the curve of your bottom in comparison.

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Seamless Gym Leggings

Seamless gym leggings are a great option as they rid of any lumps and bumps, by giving you an overall smooth look throughout. In addition to this, seamless gym leggings also often last longer, as there are less seams to fray and wear.

Scrunch Bum Leggings

Scrunch bum gym leggings are a great option for increasing the flattering look. Scrunch bum gym leggings do exactly what they say on the tin: the material is scrunched around the bum. This scrunch effect helps to add volume to your bum, preventing any pancake effect other gym leggings can sometimes create. A pert, lifted bum, enhanced by a slim waist can be a very flattering look, only achieved by high quality gym leggings.

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Compression Leggings

High quality gym leggings, and gym wear, usually has compressive material to ensure your muscles and joints are held snug in place. This helps to support your muscles and joints. It can also help to increase the blood circulation through your muscles, resulting in reduced onset of doms. This aids recovery and can also prevent injury.

Compressive material is the material responsible for the held in waist. It prevents your body from wobbling, which is a great addition when working out, but can also look great too.


From Pursue Fitness to Famme, Combat Dollies to V3 Apparel, there is a huge selection of high quality brands offering the very best in gym leggings. These brands ensure that you are getting the right balance between flexibility and support, or compression. These brands have been squat proof checked, and they have reviews and ratings available online to give you complete confidence when buying.

What’s more, the fitting guide and pleasurable, easy shopping experience offered from the online supplier GymWear UK, make these an easy first choice when choosing your flattering gym leggings.

You can browse through the incredible selection online, with gym leggings being modelled to show how they look on. Whether you want to flatten your tummy, accentuate your curves or lift your bottom, you can find the very best online at

With colours, designs and styles a plenty, you will be certain to find the perfect gym leggings for you, to not only flatter your shape and size, but also to compliment your personality and personal style. Find your gym leggings today.


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