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Does Gym Clothing Really Matter?

So the modern nation, loves an excuse to hit the shops and treat themselves to some new attire, and fitness equipment is, personally, one of my most favourite splurges of all. However, when it comes down to it, does it really matter what we wear to the gym? After all, we're only wearing it to sweat in, and wash heavily after every hour of wear.

The answer, in short, is yes, it really does matter. An old cotton T-shirt and cheap leggings actually will negatively impact your workout, and below are a few of the reasons why, in case you needed to justify your shopping trip to yourself or your other half.

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Cotton clothing absorbs sweat and holds it against your body. This can worsen chaffing, rash and even cause body acne. High quality workout clothing, keeps the perspiration from your body, whilst, offering a cooler and more comfortable workout, with no after effects.

When heat can't be released due to inappropriate material, your body becomes hotter, and this can shorten your workout time. Adequate gym wear will ensure this excessive heating is limited.


Wearing incorrect clothing can also put you at risk of injury. Running shoes offer support and stability in a very different way to weight training shoes or aerobics trainers. Also, you need different support depending on your sport: support leggings, sports tops, and each individual can require different support too, especially in footwear.

Well Fitted

Gym clothing which fits correctly, allows more flexibility and freedom of movement. This is essential whatever your workout, to ensure you can align your posture correctly and move as required. So beware of shorts which ride , tight T-shirts or ill-fitting items. Even if you find them in the sale, they're not a good deal unless they're correct.


Aside from the scientific advantages, wearing high quality gym clothing can also work wonders for your confidence. When we feel good, we are able to work harder and have a more productive workout.

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