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Healthy Joints

As we age, we often hear of people suffering with various aches and pains, needing knee or hip replacements and suffering with wrists or other joints. Joint health is so important for our well being and comfort throughout our life, and it is never too early to start taking care of our-self.

Keep Active

It is simple and obvious, but keeping ourselves mobile throughout each day is vital to joint health. Whether you work at a desk, in a car or at home, ensure you take regular breaks from your seated position to move around. A short stroll up the stairs or to the water machine helps to prevent stiff joints. We shouldn't remain still for so long that getting up feels uncomfortable.


If we are overweight, our joints are under extra strain. This can cause problems with your back, knees and hips. Research suggests that for every pound you are overweight , is an additional 4lb pressure on your knees.

Low Impact

High impact exercises such as running, obviously puts your joints under more strain than other low impact options, such as walking, swimming and cycling. However, if you have a need to perform high impact, try to balance this with other workouts, such as yoga or swimming, to help to strengthen the joints. Also, ensure you warm up and cool down before and after each workout; and don't stretch cold muscles or you risk injury.


By strengthening the muscles around your joints, you encourage your joints to be stronger too. Suitable weight training is a great way to keep your body fit and healthy. In addition to this, ensure you are using the whole range of motion, so moving the joint in every direction it is meant to.

Be Attentive

When you're training for an event or a goal, it can be hard to listen to your body. However, if you feel sore for more than 48 hours after any workout, chances are, you have pushed it too hard. Do not work through the pain, this will only lead to risk of injury and weakness. Instead, rest up, and return back to training once recovered.


Fish (or fish capsules) are a key component to healthy joints. They are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, and also help to lower inflammation, which can often cause joint pain.

Looking after our joints from a young age can really aid us in later life, and can help us to continue to play the sports we love for many years more.

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