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Famme Sportswear

Famme Sportswear claim to make clothing for working out in, and for everyday wear, and they are exceptional at delivering what they promise, to. They supply high quality fitness clothing for women, across Europe.

The brand Famme, is based in Oslo, Norway, however is available all over Europe to fitness and fashion enthusiasts. Founded by 2 French-born  experts, Famme, seemed an obvious name; taken from 'femme' meaning 'women' in French. They added their own Nordic touch, changing the name to Famme.

famme gym wear

The combination of fashion and technology for effective workout clothing, is very novel and important in this day and age. Quality is vital for a sweaty workout and frequent washing, without materials wearing out quickly. Fashion is important for confidence and that feel-good factor as you step into the gym.

Famme items are enticingly eye-catching, as well as being supportive and comfortable. Famme are highly experienced in both fashion and fitness, with their networking and own personal experience. Their items are seamless, made from high quality, breathable materials: perfect for your workouts and your every day.

The majority of the gym leggings from Famme are high waisted and squat proof, meaning that they can survive and keep you covered and supported, for even the toughest of workouts. The styles and designs flatter your shape, accentuating your curves and edges, allowing you to look as good as you feel all day every day.

famme gym wear

The colour range available from Famme is incredible, from dark and sexy, to bright and lively, and everything in between. The range ensures you will find something for whatever your tastes and whatever your mood.

To make your shopping and workout experience even more pleasant, there is also a range of incredible workout tops available, perfect to match to your leggings, or perfectly compliment. From sports crop tops, push up tops, long sleeved sports tops and more in a range of colours, all with the Famme logo to display your style.

famme gym wear

One of the toughest items to find for athletes, is an affordable, comfortable and suitable item of underwear. Thongs and knickers suitable for tough workouts can often cost an arm and a leg, or not do the job they promise to. However, Famme, have a great thong, in a range of colours, to suit you and your workouts. These items are seamless, elastic-free, and super smooth, meaning no unsightly VPLs in your fitted workout leggings, and a comfortable, low rise finish. They are also far more affordable than other brands.

So from the very bottom layer, to the top, Famme have all you need to complete your gym wear wardrobe. View a broad range of their latest items online at and spoil yourself with their high quality items, at affordable prices, and their great reputation. Famme and GymWear UK want you to have the best shopping experience possible, so with the supply experience of GymWear UK and the knowledge and technology from this growing brand, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best.


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