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Men and Women's Gold's Gym Clothing

Gold's Gym has been a huge name in the fitness world for decades, with some even claiming that Gold's Gym is the leading franchise in health and fitness, worldwide. Gold's have managed to stay relevant, with the use of innovation, great reputation and all round excellence.

In 1965, history was created with opening of the first ever Gold's Gym. This was a phenomenal happening at the time, as gyms were not a 'thing', back then, due to lifestyles previously being much less sedentary. However, Gold's saw the need arising as lifestyles began to change, and so their success began.

Since this date, the fitness world has changed dramatically, with every town having it's own gym or fitness centre and exercise classes. The fitness world is now a huge market, exceeding over $84 billion worldwide. There is no sign of this growth slowing down either, with constant new up and coming exercise classes, links between physical and mental health, physical health and life expectancy and demands for more races and challenges than ever before.

With the growing of the fitness industry, comes a need for more gym wear, and Gold's Gym have not missed a trick with the launch of their gym wear range. Gold's have stayed true to themselves, by keeping their range broad enough to suit all, but by focusing mainly on body building style clothing. The tight fitting tees and sleeveless vests for men are perfect for showing off your shoulders, biceps and triceps. A range of colours and fits makes these still accessible to all, allowing you to show your passion through your wardrobe.

Hoodies, shorts and jogging bottoms are also available for men, with items of the utmost quality, to ensure comfort, as well as style, during your workout. In fact, these items are so trendy and comfortable, why restrict their wear purely to the gym? Items are perfectly stylish enough to wear out and about too.

For the ladies, there is a stunning range of tops and hoodies available for your workout. Beautiful colour combinations, such as black and pink, or grey and turquoise are available, to add that touch of trend to your workout gear. Cropped sweaters, tees and more are perfect for ladies who lift; show them who's boss with a new Gold's Gym item.

Gold's Gym also offers a great range of sports bags and backpacks to suit your needs, ensuring you can get all your new gym wear safely to your next session. A range of sizes and designs available, means you will be able to keep your individuality with your choice of bag.

The iconic Gold's Gym logo is embossed or printed onto many of their gym wear and accessories, allowing you to show your skills and power in style and confidence. GymWear UK is a UK supplier of this world famous brand, with a great range of items available on their website now.

Browse the available items online at and make your Gold's Gym purchase today. Become a part of history, and enjoy this never slowing, growing trend of fitness and fitness fashion.


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