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First Time Marathon Runner

Running is becoming more and more popular year upon year. With us all becoming more aware of the importance of an active lifestyle, and running being so accessible to all, marathons have never been so popular. Nowadays, many towns have marathons, meaning runners can get their fix of gaining those medals and racking up the miles throughout the Summer.

However, despite the increasing popularity of marathon running, do not underestimate the training of both your mind and body for this event. First-time marathon runners have their work cut out, but the rewards are well worth it.

Get A Plan

A training plan is the most vital thing you can own when training for your marathon, to ensure you are reaching your goals at the right point, depending on where you are in your fitness and ability. The Internet is full of guides, for complete beginners to slightly more advanced competitors. Find one suitable for your start position and follow as much as possible to keep you on track and to show you just how well you are doing.

Listen To You

That said, no plan knows your body as well as you do. If you suffer an injury or aren't feeling 100% then be kind to yourself and give your body time to rest and recover. This doesn't mean you can use a drop of rain as an excuse to miss out on a training run, or only do half the recommended routes. Just be sensible and follow your head.

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Be Equipped

People often say that running is the perfect sport because you don't need any equipment. This isn't entirely true. Good footwear is essential. Without the right running shoes for your running gait, you risk injury and damage to your joints and muscles. Go to a running shop, get your gait measured and invest in the perfect trainers. In addition to this, ensure you wear breathable materials when you're out running and ensure you are well lit in the darker months.


Not only is it important to get the perfect trainers, it is important to get a minimum of two pairs of perfect trainers. The reason: you do not want a trainer trauma near to race day. It's important to alternate these trainers too, to ensure both pairs are worn in, preventing blisters when you reach those longer runs.


Whether you are planning to run your marathon alone, or with a friend or club, it is important to get yourself a good playlist together, with some good headphones and a running belt for your music player. Music can work wonders at motivating you and getting you through the tougher miles, especially if you need to go out by yourself once in a while. You can always ask around for motivational running tracks to inspire your playlist.


More than anything else, you need to believe you can do this, because you can. And if you don't believe in yourself, then nobody else will. Have faith and enjoy your journey to an amazing achievement.

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