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But What Do I Wear To The Gym?

So you've made the decision to join the gym, bought your membership and set your goals. You're very pleased with yourself and ready to get going, but you still feel a little apprehensive about the situation. What should you wear? You'll be thinking about everything workout tops to gym shoes. What if you stand out for all the wrong reasons? What if you get there and don't know what to do? Fear not, the worst is over, now you just need to get prepared and get yourself through the door for the first time, the rest of it is easy.

What to Wear

The world of fashion is a minefield, and the world of fitness fashion is no different. It is ever changing, with a multitude of choices, depending on your style and preferences. As much as this choice of gym wear styles can leave you a little flummoxed, it can also be a real pleasure; there is something very motivational about having new gym gear to christen. Loving your gym clothing can make you more excited and willing to get to the gym as long as you are wearing something which makes you feel as comfortable and as good as it should.

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Your Shape

Decide whether you prefer something more fitted or slightly looser, revealing or less so. There are a multitude of gym clothing styles to flaunt whichever your favourite assets are. So if you are proud of your boobs and stomach, why not opt for women's gym wear which flaunts these areas? Wear a sports crop top and feel great in your new gym wear. Alternatively, if your more of a bum kinda girl, why not wear a looser top with fitted gym leggings to prevent you feeling self conscious about body parts you want to improve?

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And For The Boys

If you're male, you are still entitled to choose which parts you want to flaunt, and which you'd prefer to hide away. From gym shoes, and sleeveless tops, to baggier options and tracksuit, there is gym wear to suit every individual, no matter what your body hang ups. As you work out and see your body image change, you can then allow your gym clothing to change too. Flaunt what you have and allow yourself to feel good in what you are wearing.

Standing Out

People often worry they will stand out like a sore thumb during their first visits to the gym, but this doesn't need to be the case. Book an induction to allow a professional to show you how the equipment works. This will prevent you standing by the machines, not knowing which way to lift, or how to function the treadmill. You could also go with a friend for the first time, reducing that self doubt, when you have a partner in crime and someone to laugh with.

In addition to this, it is important to remember, that most people at the gym will be more than willing to help if you require assistance, and not only that, but they will be far too engrossed in their own workout to notice that you are lifting 'too light' or moving 'too slow'. Add to this your new gym wear as discussed above and you are sure to fit right in with the crowd, or better still, stand out for all the right reasons. Read more in our guide to gym wear for women!

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