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Gym Wear For Women

Gym wear is more popular than ever, with fitness clothing becoming a fashion statement, as opposed to something you simply wear to the gym. This makes it much easier for dressing for work, and fitting in a gym session afterwards. It also means there has never been a better time to shop for gym wear, because it is so popular, it is available everywhere. The question on everybody's mind is: what do I wear to the gym?

Studies suggest that fashionable, trendy gym wear can help your motivation for working out. So, if you didn't have enough reasons for going on a gym wear shopping spree, you now have another reason, so prepare to hammer the credit card, after all, it's for your own health.


Whatever your style, whether you like to keep it covered, or prefer to show off your hard-earned abs, there are tops available to suit your style. From T-shirts, to vest tops, or even crop tops, there is something to suit your needs. You may well have a drawer full of tops, but are they suitable for your workout? Ideally, you'll have tops made of breathable material, to keep you cool and to prevent excess sweat staying on your skin. Wearing incorrect clothing can cause you to overheat, meaning you may find it harder to work out, and even put your self at risk of rashes and body acne.


Long or short, loose or tight fitting, workout bottoms are an essential part of any workout wardrobe. From bright colours, to darker shades, plain or with written statements, workout bottoms are an exciting purchase. Ensure they are well fitting, you don't want them falling down as you run, nor do you want them restricting you from moving or stretching. Comfort and style can be achieved with your workout bottoms.


From your supportive sports bra, to your breathable undies, underwear is of the utmost importance when you are working out. The last thing we want is to damage our most sensitive of body parts, so cotton knickers (not thongs) and stay away from lacy materials for a sweaty workout.

As for the top half, nobody wants stretched, saggy boobs. However, if you don't look after them during your workouts, that will be what you get, so invest in a good sports bra, however small or large you are, you still need one. The idea is to prevent movement, without squashing them.


An optional extra in every girls gym wear collection are the timeless shorts. Some girls prefer to keep their pins hidden under leggings, which is totally fine. However, if you want to get your toned thighs out for the world to see, then treat them, and yourself to a pair of flattering, comfortable trendy shorts. As with trousers, you can choose tight or loose fitting shorts, just ensure that they fit well and offer you comfort, as opposed to distracting you from your workout.


It's important to warm up and cool down, but wearing a suitable hoodie can help to ensure you don't allow your muscles to get too cold too quickly. Again, there are breathable materials in case the weather means you need to keep wearing your jumper throughout your workout.

We offer an exquisite collection of womens gym wear and accessories, meaning you can create your own style, whatever your tastes, safe in the knowledge that you are buying


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